Getting your booze, blues, and noodles fix in Nashville

When you think Nashville, you think music. How could you not? If you haven’t been to Nashville, though, you might not know that Tennessee’s capital city offers not only countless opportunities to see both up-and-coming and headlining acts, but also plenty of places to fill up on great food and drink.

Drink: Bearded Iris Brewing


One of the newest breweries in Nashville, Bearded Iris is set for greatness. Utilizing old world fermentation methods, this brewery is producing beers that truly live up to their mantra, “Cultivate Variety.”  Stop in the brewery for a few pints and you get to wonder at the rows of barrels they use for their fermentation and aging processes. When visiting, you can’t go wrong with their IPA, Habit, or their Petit Saison, Lady Friend.

Eat: Otaku Ramen


This ain’t your twenty cents per pack college ramen. Oh no. After almost two decades in LA, Chef and Founder Sarah Gavigan moved back to Nashville and realized there was a lack of something very important to her—ramen. Thus began her journey into learning more about the meal and perfecting her recipes. Gavigan uses bones from local prized pigs, which gives the broth its signature flavor (as well as a little touch of the south).

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See: Ryman Auditorium


We couldn’t leave this list without putting something music related on here, so if music is your thing, this is where you need to go. Need. Not should, need. Recognized by the state of Tennessee as the birthplace of bluegrass, the Ryman, which opened in 1892, has seen some of the most famous faces in all genres of music cross its stage in its hundred-plus year history. With events almost every night, you’re bound to find something for everyone sooner rather than later.

Stay: The Inn at Fontanel


With six unique suites connected by 2700 square feet of deck, the Inn at Fontanel is perfect for any number of occasions, from family gatherings to romantic weekends away. Original designed as a Southern Living idea house, this Tennessee farmhouse-style boutique hotel is about as close to picturesque as you get in Middle Tennessee. As an added bonus, Pritchard’s Distilling is nearby, so not only can you stay in the lap of luxury, but you can get a little buzz while you do it.

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