Late and Great: Three Delicious and Healthy Drunk Snacks

Crunchies Freeze-Dried Fruit

It’s late and you’re finally back at your place. You were out with your buddies for a solid six hours, and you had enough beers to cover your calories for at least a day, if not two (the IPAs get the job done, but they add up, too). The thing is, you’re hungry. The other thing is, you’ve got a date tomorrow. You know you’re not making it to the gym at any point between now and then. But you’re hungry. So hungry. What do you do? You want to eat everything in your house (which amounts to three frozen pizzas, a week-old leftover burrito, and half of a bag of zesty lime tortilla chips), but you don’t want to feel like total crap tomorrow. Thankfully, there are smarter options. We’ve selected some of the best drunk snacks out there that you can have in excess without hating yourself in the morning.

Jica Chips ($17.95 for a six-pack)

Jica Chips

Unless you subscribe to a meal service like Blue Apron, you may not have heard of jicama before. Basically, the jicama is a cross between a potato and an apple and, as it turns out, makes a great freakin’ chip. Jica Chips have the consistency of kettle-cooked potato chips, but one package has only 100 calories and 1.5 g fat. With multiple flavors to choose from, you can keep your drunk self occupied for that hour until you pass out in your suit on your couch.

Crunchies Freeze-Dried Fruit ($29 for a six-pack)

Crunchies Freeze-Dried Fruit

For those with a sweet tooth, this is the way to go. Crunchies offers a variety of freeze-dried fruits (the pineapple and mango are particularly good) to appease whatever kind of fruit fix you’ve got. As a bonus, if you want to eat and drink at the same time, Crunchies make great cocktail garnishes.

Rhythm Superfoods Cool Ranch Kale Chips ($19.91 for a four-pack)

Rhythm Superfoods Cool Ranch Kale Chips

Yeah, we know, kale is blah blah blah terrible, something something all kale can die. We get it, you don’t like kale. The thing about kale chips, though, is they don’t taste like kale. Once they’ve been baked, and seasoning has been added, they turn into addictive bits of green joy. These cool ranch kale chips are 140 calories per ounce and are packed with 6 grams of protein to boot. Also, they’re ranch.