4 Vodkas You Absolutely Need To Try This Spring

4 vodkas you absolutely need to try this spring bet bottle  letterpress label
The sun is out, the days are (slowly) getting warmer, and it’s time to start shaking off the heaviness of winter by moving back to the fresher, livelier cocktails that characterize the reinvigorating feeling that comes with spring and summer.

To get moving in the right direction, we’ve put together a list of 4 must-have vodkas this spring season. From sipping to mixing, these spirits will enhance your drinking experience every time.

Elit by Stoli — One of the newest from Stolichnaya, Elit Vodka is made to celebrate the 500th anniversary of vodka production in Russia. Elit is meant to be consumed in the Russian style—freezing cold and straight—so harness your inner Russian and raise a glass to Dostoevsky. Na Zdorovie! ($46.99)

Bēt — New out of Minnesota, Bēt is, as you might have guessed, made from sugar beets. The earthy sweetness that is produced makes Bēt wonderful on its own—chilled with a few drops of bitters is a true game changer—or mixed into any number of cocktails. While you can only get this in Minnesota right now, there are options available for shipping. (38.99)

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St. Augustine Distillery Cane Vodka — St. Augustine Distillery has proven, time and time again since their opening a few years ago, that the state of Florida produces more than just bat-shit insane criminals and alligators. Made from local sugar cane, this vodka is a multi-award winner for good reason. Sandals optional, but encouraged when kicking back and relaxing with St. Augustine. ($29.99)

Empire Spirits 1792 Private Club Vodka — Empire Spirits is the essence of the Big Apple lifestyle. Bold yet smooth, this vodka is the perfect companion to any classic vodka cocktail you can think of. Shake up a cocktail with Empire Spirits before heading out for a night on the town for the ultimate taste of Big City life. ($19.99)

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