The 10 Best American Dive Bars

dive bar

Dive bars are the best; they’re chill, unpretentious and they have really cheap drinks. Here are our picks for the best dive bars in the country.

DC’s Tavern
This Hoboken bar has a pool table, drinks in mason jars, and if you want to hear some crazy old rock and roll stories, just start a conversation with its owner who has plenty of them to tell.
505 8th Street
Hoboken, New Jersey

Shanghai Tunnel
According to our very own Drew Pindle, Shanghai Tunnel is “a place that is both named after and built on top of the city’s historic underground tunnels. It’s a dingy, dank basement of a place, and people sometimes say it’s haunted by the ghosts of people who were “shanghaied” and sold into slavery back in the early 1900s.”
211 South West Ankeny Street

Georgia Bar
Georgia Bar has all the right ingredients for a good night out — hicks, old men and cheap drinks.
159 West Clayton Street
Athens, Georgia

George’s Lounge
Open since 1959 Geroge’s Lounge has the cheapest beers in all of Canton, Ohio, so have a ton of them while you watch a band perform. If you’re hungry, this place has one of the best burgers in town.
229 Cleveland Avenue North West
Canton, Ohio

Bowen’s Island Restaurant
You may come to Charleston for historic homes and James Beard restaurants, but drive a little way out of town and arrive at this old shack that has been serving oysters straight from their backyard since 1946. Feel free to write on the walls and get to shucking with the locals over a cold one.
1870 Bowen’s Island Road
James Island

Oscar’s Tavern
Pop a coin in the jukebox, grab a few glasses of cheaper than cheap cold beer, and have a Philly cheesesteak at this Philadelphia dive.
1524 Sansom Street

Our favorite dive bar in New York was Mars Bar, but unfortunately that was torn down to build some new condos. Oh, gentrification. Fortunately Sophie’s is still around for cheap beer. Plus, it has a pool table!
509 East 5th Street
New York

For Brooklynites, this Fort Greene dive has it all: an outdoor space, a pool table, and of course drinks that we can actually afford!
242 Dekalb Avenue
Brooklyn, New York

The Hotsy Totsy
This bar has been keeping students at the University of California at Berkeley inebriated since 1939. It’s also where we spent many a drunken nights during our formative college years.
601 San Pablo Avenue
Albany, California

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