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Our Favorite Smart Workout Mirror Just Got a MASSIVE Price Cut

If you’re looking to work out effectively at home and for less than before, you’re in luck. Our favorite smart workout mirror — the Tempo Studio — is available right now for just $2,495. That’s a savings of over $700 on the usual price. Alternatively, you can opt to pay just $69 per month to enjoy the fantastic workout system. This is likely to be a time-limited offer so snap it up while you can. If you’re still curious, read on and we’ll tell you all about it.

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Also known as Tempo Fit, the Tempo Studio is the best way to get fit from the safety and convenience of your home. Sure, you could just lift weights by yourself but Tempo Studio provides you with all the benefits of a personal trainer alongside the convenience of being able to work out whenever is best for you.

That’s because Tempo Studio uses 3D sensors to provide A.I.-powered feedback that offers you insight into how to correct and improve your form. Conducted in real-time, it means you can easily make your workouts safer and more efficient by simply following the advice given to you. Unlike a regular personal trainer, you can work out using Tempo Studio any time you like rather than needing to commit to specific sessions plus there are plenty of on-demand and live classes too if you want the benefits of working out alongside others.

With a small footprint of only 3 square feet, the Tempo Studio can fit almost anywhere, even if you have a small apartment. You only need 6 feet between you and the Tempo to work out effectively making it super convenient. There’s no need for complicated installations or holes in your walls either which is ideal for rental properties in particular.

Well designed every step of the way, the Tempo Studio is a great way to work out in a more efficient way than ever before. Ordinarily priced at $3,200, it’s down to just $2,495 right now with a financing deal that means you pay just $69 per month instead. That’s cheaper than a gym membership and personal trainer. If you’re serious about getting fitter, this is the ideal way to do so for less, all while proving way more convenient too.

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