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Start Getting Fit Today with Future’s Modern Workouts, for Just $19

Spring has sprung and summer’s done, and the cold weather is here. But if you’re still working on those 2022 resolutions to get fit (or if you’re off to a late start), you’re in luck. Future, our favorite pick of the best virtual personal training services, is offering new customers who sign up now a crazy deal — get your first month for just $19. This is a great option for anybody looking to get in shape who could use a little one-on-one help and wants to give the service a try! It’s the epitome of modern workouts, and it’s super easy to get started. Become a member, pick a coach, add a wearable if you want, and starting working out — with 1:1 guidance and constant contact. Keep reading to learn more or check it out for yourself, below.

Future fitness iOS app and devices sync.

Anybody who has tried to start a new fitness regimen knows that it’s easier said than done. It’s more than just diet and exercise — you have to find something that works around your schedule, lifestyle, and body type, and much of the advice and information out there is overly simplistic or takes a “one size fits all” approach. The reality is that your workout plan needs to work for you, not against you, and that means that it needs a personal touch.

Of course, you can always hire a personal trainer, but for most people, that’s not the most cost-effective option considering it can easily cost you $100 per hour or more. Personal trainers are expensive, but the good news is that Future’s fitness coaching service gives you the same professional one-on-one expert guidance for a fraction of the price. After signing up, you’ll answer a few questions that will let Future know some things about your goals, schedule, and lifestyle. Using this info, Future will present you with a selection of professional coaches. You can choose one or opt to have one assigned to you. Then, your coach will get in touch with you and start working with you to create a tailor-made workout routine.

Each week, your coach will send you a customized workout plan straight to your phone. Your trainer will tailor your weekly regimen to your schedule and with your ongoing input, you and your coach can work together to easily make necessary changes on the fly. This sort of 1:1 coaching allows for a totally custom and more personalized fitness routine, so you can enjoy many of the benefits of a personal trainer without the steep expense. Your coach will regularly check in and is always available to you should you have any questions or concerns.

Your workouts are delivered via the Future app, and you can follow along with them on your mobile device or Apple AirPlay-compatible smart TV. Future syncs automatically with the Apple Watch, which will track various health and fitness metrics to further help you and your coach optimize your individual workouts as well as your overall training plan. Your routine will also take into account your environment, travel plans, workout equipment, and other variables unique to your situation. You can do as much or as little as you like, and don’t need anything else other than what you’ve already got.

Future’s roster of coaches includes trainers with a variety of specialties and focus areas, as well as experience training professional and collegiate athletes and celebrities, so you can be sure you’re in good hands. Even at its normal price of $150 per month, Future is an excellent value for this level of professional personalized training and is much more affordable than an hourly personal trainer. However, for a limited time, new customers can sign up for Future and enjoy their first full month for just $19. Let’s tone those bodies people!

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