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Save Close to $100 on This Bowflex Weight Bench at Walmart Today

Bowflex 3.1 Adjustable Bench for home gyms.

If you’re building a home gym or setting up a place to work out, you’ll need a lot more than free weights. Usually, there are a bunch of great Bowflex deals going on, as well as some dumbbell deals. You can stock up on the various pieces of gear to get pumped and toned.

One thing you’ll definitely need, to give you a solid and reliable place to lift, is a weight bench. Walmart is having a crazy sale on the Bowflex 3.1 Adjustable Bench today, which drops nearly $100 off the regular price. You can grab it — with free delivery — for $159 all-in. That’s a fantastic deal, and it’s a versatile bench.

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Maybe you don’t have the space or the money for the Bowflex Home Gym Revolution and that’s okay! Not every gym has to be decked out in the most expensive equipment. You can start even with a pair of small dumbbells. Or, you could snag the Bowflex Adjustable Bench, and grab some weights when you’re ready. It comes with a stylish red and black design which looks great in any indoor gym or outdoor gym — garages too!

The bench adjusts between four positions, including a rear decline, a flat mode, a 45-degree incline, and a 90-degree incline so you’re sitting upright. The frame is made of heavy-duty commercial-grade steel so it won’t fail and should last a long time. A fully removable leg hold-down brace is built into the front of the bench. You can use it for more torsion, power, and stability when you’re sitting in a declined position. The maximum weight limit is 480 pounds. While you’re working out, the bench helps correct and stabilize your posture, which mitigates injuries and ensures you’re getting a solid workout. The adjustable bench can also be used without weights for crunches, squats, stretching, and beyond.

Walmart is offering this bench for $159 with free shipping and delivery. Normally $250, you’re getting $91 off, which is an excellent deal. We have no idea how long it’s going to remain available, though, so act soon if you’re interested.

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