Feel Good Friday
Feel Good Friday

July Purchases of Fire Department Coffee Supports Burn Survivors

Typically, firefighters work 24 hour shifts, staying at the firehouse and responding to any emergencies in that time period. So, if anyone needs a good cup of coffee, it’s the people who routinely run into the burning building. If…

Tragedy into Action: Pablove Foundation Funds Pediatric Cancer Research

When Jeff Castelaz lost his son to cancer, he and his wife channeled their grief into change: funding research through the Pablove Foundation.
Feel Good Friday

How Buying a Pair of Costa Del Mar Sunglasses Helps Save Sharks

You might not like it, but the truth is:"Jaws" lied to us.

Help Protect The Planet with Some of the Best Environmental Charities

We've only got the one planet (so far), so you might as well do your part in helping preserve it by tossing a few bucks toward one of these best environmental charities.
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Sustainable and Stylish Allbirds Wool Shoes Will Make Your Feet Very Happy

Merino wool shoes that can be worn without socks and won't smell.

You and Your Conscience Will Sleep Soundly in The Company Store Bedding

We're all a lot happier when we sleep well. In this case, you can sleep well and do good.
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You Can Save the World Just By Chewing Project 7 Gum

Who ever said no good came of chewing gum?
Feel Good Friday

Kite Bug Repellent Keeps You Bug-Free and Others Alive

Become invisible to bugs and help others do the same.
Fashion & Style

Champion Surfer Kelly Slater Fixes Things That are Not OK

World Champion Surfer, Kelly Slater, has had it with environmental degradation. Which is why he started #ITSNOTOK.
Feel Good Friday

Stella Artois Really Wants You To Buy A Lady A Drink

Water is essential to life, to beer brewing, and is definitely essential on a morning after too much life and beer. Sadly, 663 million people do not have access to clean water.
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Norton Point Sunglasses Are Cleaning Up Oceans and Saving the World

Norton Point has found a way to not only clean up ocean plastic, but also repurpose it into something useful: great sunglasses.
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LOOK OPTIC: Cool Reading Glasses That Provide Clean Water

See well, look good, and give to charity with these stylish reading glasses.