Feel Good Friday: Mister Beardwash

Mister beard wash

Mister Beardwash loves anyone or thing with whiskers. Case in point, with the purchase of every bottle of their wash and/or conditioner made specifically to clean beards and mustaches, you’re in fact donating to the North Shore Animal League of America, the world’s largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization.

What’s more beard warming than that? Wait, why would anyone want to buy a beard wash in the first place? Don’t regular shampoos or face cleansers work on your face hair too? Well, yeah, they won’t break your beard or anything, but also, they’re not really strong enough to tackle the thicker, coarser hair that grows out of your face. And more, the skin on your chin is different than what’s on your scalp, so if you’re being a perfectionist about caring for your beard, you also want to nourish your below the beard area correctly too.

A good beard wash, like Mister Beardwash, is formulated with this in mind, using beard and face friendly ingredients like acne fighting willow bark extract, moisturizing hibiscus, cotton and oat extracts and nourishing, soothing green tea. They’ll leave your beard feeling that much softer and the skin beneath clean and acne free. And if you have beard dandruff problems, you might want to give their deep conditioner a try. It eats flakes for breakfast. Just like you.

Ok, so some of these beard products can come off as just a little overboard (Head and Shoulders or Selsun blue also work on beard dandruff) and true, you don’t absolutely need a specific beard cleansing or conditioning product in the tub in say, the same way a dog needs one, but if buying one helps nourish our beard better than regular shampoo, and keep man’s best friend happily panting away, well then, we say go for it.

$16 for 8 oz misterbeardwash.com