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What to Wear: Work Holiday Party

wear work holiday party what to office

Holiday parties are in the air, including the one where you get to get wasted with all the people you work with. Now let’s get to what you’re supposed to wear. Take a good look at the invitation. Does it say whether the party is casual or cocktail attire? What’s the venue? Is it a laid-back bar, or a swank event space? If it’s dressed down, slacks, a collared shirt and a sweater are sufficient, but if it’s a dressier affair, we suggest that you pick something snazzy, like the Band of Outsiders No Junk No Funk houndstooth jacket and trousers. The leather leather shawl lapels make this ensemble extra cool, giving you that slight touch of holiday fancy you need. Add a shirt, tie, nice shoes and a pair of cufflinks and you’re all set. Just don’t hook up with any of your co-workers. Bad idea.

Clockwise, L-R: Band of Outsiders No Junk No Funk Houndstooth Jacket, $1,650 at; Band of Outsiders No Bunk No Junk Houndstooth Trousers, $395 at; John Varvatos USA Oxford Dress Shirt, $98 at;  Alice Made This Matthew Steel Cuffinks, $165 at; Mark McNairy New Amsterdam Whole Cut Derby Shoes, $332.50 at; Topman Slim Woven Tie, at

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