The Vintage Driver Chrono Watch: A Classy Way to Keep Pace With Time

the vintage driver chrono watch a great way to keep pace with time gloves

When most millennials check the time, they surreptitiously slip their hands into a pocket or bag before pulling their phone out a couple inches. Though it’s convenient to have a timepiece that is also a sophisticated communicator, navigator, and encyclopedia, peeking at a phone is not the classiest way to check one’s position on the universe’s temporal racetrack.

We love watches here at The Manual, and if you clicked this link, you probably do, too. If you’re cruisin’ for a new timepiece, we’d love to show you the Kickstarter-funded Vintage Driver Chrono Watch. This watch is a love letter to vintage cars in general, and designer Kyle Schut’s 1977 Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT in particular.

steering wheel

The Vintage Driver Chrono Watch comes in five different color variations, with your choice of NATO straps or genuine leather rally straps. The timepiece itself is powered by Mecha-Quartz, which sounds like a particularly dull Godzilla foe, but is actually an uber-accurate mode of hybrid watch movement developed by Seiko.

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Any fella who likes vintage styling will get a kick out of these watches — particularly the Veglia Borletti tachometer-inspired face. Every time you look at this watch, you’ll be acutely aware of your movement through time.

watches not framed

At the time of this writing, the Vintage Driver Chrono Watch has raised more than $82,000, exceeding its initial goal of $15,501 by a factor of five. While Kyle Schut and the Straton Watch Company don’t need your money per se, you might want to consider tossing your money in the ring, anyway; after all, you can get one of these watches with a minimum $247 pledge — just 66% of the expected post-Kickstarter retail price. You still have 19 days to take advantage of this deal before the project ends. 

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Visit the Vintage Driver Chrono Watch Kickstarter page to make a pledge. Estimated delivery of rewards is December 2015.