The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guy’d

We at The Manual love our gift guides, and our fathers, so we scoured the nation for some of the coolest out of the box ideas. Get your dad something unexpected next Sunday, but most importantly tell him how totally awesome he is.

Known for their comfy and socially conscious footwear, TOMS has decided to step up their game with some hip new shades. Our favorites right now are the bold Windward frames, and the Kilgore aviators. Bonus! TOMS will help restore sight to those in need with every pair purchased. Also, each pair of sunglasses features hand-painted stripes, which to us look like the end of a cigarette tucked behind you ear. James Dean all the way.

Have you heard of the Water Bobble? Well, it’s kind of genius, and perfect for the athletic dad. This nifty gadget is a water bottle that uses a replaceable carbon filter, which removes chlorine and organic contaminants from municipal tap water. Feel free to fill up wherever, whenever. Bobble Sport comes in a variety of colors so make sure to get him his favorite. The Bobble is also environmentally friendly in that by utilizing tap water, you are not only saving money, but also helping reduce your usage of plastic bottles. Water never tasted so crisp, clean, and…green.

Blue Tree NYC known for its quirky gifts has the perfect gift for the dad who is still a kid at heart yet a baller in the boardroom  A 14-karat gold plated Slinky. It’s nostalgic, and honestly, it doesn’t matter what age you are, who doesn’t love a Slinky? This one is perfect for the ‘Dad who has everything’ category.  You can either purchase from their website, or call directly at 212-369-2583.

Title of Work makes some seriously sophisticated ties for the working dad who wants to put a twist on the traditional knot. Exhibit A, a contemporary capsule collection definitely is the anti-Ferragamo with simply, geometric patterns. Each tie has extreme attention to detail from construction to the types of materials used. Whether your dad needs some color blocking in his life, stripes or dots, make sure to check out Exhibit A and help dad shake up his tie-game. You can order through their website, or purchase at local department stores such as Barney’s, Neiman Marcus, Maxfield and Traffic.

Cologne is always a safe bet when it comes to Father’s Day. Most dads have their signature, but Tom Ford’s newly released NOIR screams “DAD”. It’s a complicated and sophisticated scent that gets better as the day goes on. Verbena, Black Pepper Oil, Nutmeg, Leather and Vetiver are some of the many manly notes found in this cologne. Give dad something that mama will be happy about too.

Our friends at Blind Barber make one the best shaving creams on the market – and they would know. The barbershop by day, and cool speakeasy by night has a promotion going on for Father’s Day – a One-Two combo. Their famous water mint gin shave cream as well as their soothing aftershave for one price. We’ve raved about their shaving cream and aftershave in the past, now’s the time to get your dad something that will make  his favorite morning activity (yeah, right) much more pleasant. You can purchase the combo here.

Is your dad kind of a techie? Does he like gadgets? Does he like French cuffs? PERFECT. These sleek USB cufflinks from The Standard Hotel’s famed gift shop come in 2GB or 4GB. What a perfect way to go from work to dinner, and back to work again. He will never be without his files again, and he’ll never leave a USB inside a computer again because he will be reminded when his cuffs are all out of whack. Call 212-645-4646 to purchase.

Personal chef Ron Suhanosky has made an interesting transition from the food world to the pocket square world. He recently launchedXOR, a bespoke brand of handmade accessories for men and women. Suhanosky began making one-of-a-kind pocket squares for his friends. Each pocket square is made to order, individually designed and sewn together from a variety of fabrics, including: linen, silk and cotton – perfect for the warm weather. Silk ribbon edges add a contrasting pop of color. To order call 646-884-0110, or visit

Many dads like to indulge in smoking a good Cuban cigar, and at the same time they like to irritate our moms with the smell that activity leaves behind. Agraria’s masculine scented candles should help clear the air – and the household tension. Also, this gift kills two birds with one stone. Dad can smoke his cigars, and mom’s living room will smell great.

For the Dad who is a little more conscious of his skin’s appearance, Lab Series has created a Razor Shaving Solution Kit and a Max LS Luxury Solution Kit. These kits have everything your pops will need to take care of his skin.

We hope this guide has inspired you to find the perfect gift, and most of all, we wish all you new and old dads out there a wonderful Father’s Day!