The New Wave: Faherty Brothers Launch Eco-Conscious Swimwear

Faherty Brand

Oh, summer. How so many dread thee. Like women, men have trouble finding the right swimwear. Should I wear swim trunks or boardshorts? Are speedos an option? And if you’re eco-conscious, the choices can seem even more daunting. Enter the Faherty Brand, a stylish line of swimwear that doesn’t harm the environment.

The brainchild of twin brothers Mike and Alex Faherty, the NYC-based company makes a wide variety of beachwear for men from recycled materials (polyester, cotton and linen). From classic boardshorts ($140 and up) in plaids and solids to trunks ($140 and up) in paisleys and nautical prints, any man aiming for sartorial splendor on the beach will undoubtedly find something to wear. We particularly loved the brown and blue Galeon ($165) boardshorts. With a seven-inch inseam, they hit at the right part of the thigh, allowing for ease of movement.

Designer Mike Faherty, who worked for Ralph Lauren for many years, combs the earth searching for inspiration. Some of the prints have a tribal feel while others harken back to the glory days of surf culture. The recycled polyester and cotton blends are softer than most new yarns but remains sturdy so you can surf, swim or relax without worrying about your shorts ripping at the seams.

Faherty Brand Shorts