The Manual Wind: Deep Blue Deep Star 1000 Dive Watch Hands On

the manual wind deep blue star 1000 dive watch deepstar
deepstar3The old cliche “imitation is the fondest form of flattery” certainly applies in the watch world.  The less expensive brands and smaller manufacturers frequently borrow from the upper tier.  Where some might feel that copying design is poor practice, I do not agree.  Luxury items are expensive.  Watches are a timeless instrument that all should have the ability to enjoy regardless of the name on the dial.  One watch that is a very close reproduction of a classic is the Deep Blue Deep Star 1000.

deepstar2This thousand dollar timepiece takes the Omega classic dive watch as its template.  A shared case shape, bezel appearance, and mesh bracelet are tributes to the original Omega.  The Deep Blue does have attributes that set it apart.  First off, the ceramic bezel has a quality finish with inlayed SuperLuminova for detailed readability.  Blue and green lume on the bezel make for a fun look in the dark.  This piece is all around bright in the dark with the hand and dial lume as well.  The dial has a sunburst finish for added detail in natural light as well.  The blue version of this piece is a great shade and has some serious pop on the wrist.  Inside is a Japanese automatic movement with a 42 hour power reserve.

Something similar to this by Omega would have a retail upwards of $8,000.  Here is a prime example of imitation for the benefit of watch enthusiasts.  Not every watch lover can afford a nearly five figure sport watch, but a $1,000 msrp is certainly more reasonable.  The Deep Blue Deep Star 1000 has all the design functional features of a high end dive watch for a fraction of the price.  This might be my choice for watch of the year!

I personally purchased one of these in the last two months.  Hands on with this timepiece has been a blast.  The mesh band is sporty and classic while still being comfortable.  The timekeeping of this piece has been spot on.  Most impressive is the detail in the bezel.  Well made with great luminescence, my blue Deep Blue turns a lot of heads and was well worth the money.

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