TGIF Shopping: Homegrown Cotton Debuts Line of All-Natural, Locally-Sourced Polo Shirts

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With its line of all natural, locally-sourced cotton Polo shirts, Homegrown Cotton might just be the most aptly named brand on the market.

Based out of McIntosh Farm in Williamsburg County, South Carolina, Homegrown Cotton is a brand built on the simple, yet increasingly difficult-to-fulfill, idea that consumers should know exactly where their clothing comes from.

Founder Atwood McIntosh, whose family has owned McIntosh farm for eight generations, believes this is what makes his Polo shirts so exceptional.


“By having the whole process be local, and by also using the very best cotton, we’re able to make an incredibly high-quality product. Once our cotton is grown and picked, we send it to a manufacturer whose just 40 miles away from our farm, where it’s ginned, spun and knitted.”

He adds, “The products are fully traceable—I could take you to the field and show you exactly where your shirt’s cotton was grown!”

The shirts themselves are straightforward in design and are dyed with natural, environmentally friendly products. They come in eight different colors: Blue Ridge, Green Sea, White Gold, Atlantic Coral, Country Gentleman Orange, Black River, Carolina Garnet and Natural, which uses no dye or bleach, just raw cotton.

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“The shirts are breathable, movable and keep their structure, even after several washes,” says McIntosh. “I have people who come up to me and say it’s the best cotton shirt they’ve ever owned.”

This is the company’s first spring launch since their inception in 2014. Though McIntosh envisions a future product line with long and short-sleeved button downs, for now, they’re just selling the cotton Polos, which are priced at $69 each.

Check out their website, here.

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