TGIF Shopping: Haspel Debuts Spring/Summer 2016 Lookbook

Haspel, the New Orleans based Menswear brand that brought the world the seersucker suit, has just released the Lookbook for their spring and summer 2016 collection, which features designs inspired by a famous ocean stroll.

In the 1940s, nearly three decades after Haspel’s founding in 1909, Joseph Haspel Jr., son of founder Joseph Haspel Sr., wanted to showcase the durability of his namesake’s signature suit while attending a trade show in Florida. He racked his mind for ideas, eventually settling on an audacious scheme to mosey fully-suited into the ocean.

Proudly donning a seersucker suit, Haspel walked into the water, submerging himself completely. Later that evening, he wore that same suit, now freshly-dried and wrinkle-free, to dinner, demonstrating its resilient wash-and-wear design. The gimmick was a smash and quickly worked its way into Haspel lore.

Flash forward sixty years and this watery tale has found new life in the brand’s SS 16 Lookbook, which uses the story as a medium through which to showcase their latest fashions.

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The book, and the fashions  it features, evokes the mythos of the great American summer, with images of tousle-haired young men adventuring through the woods and casually posing by the shore. These are nostalgic images, ones that perfectly capture the anticipation one feels right at the beginning of that long stretch of warmth that runs from May to August.

The collection is classic Haspel in that it hearkens to the past while managing to stay firmly rooted in the present. Featured products include a variety of jacquard cotton and puckered seersucker sport coats, nautical-inspired striped cotton sweaters, woven short and long-sleeved button-down cotton and linen shirts, as well as an array of striped and solid-colored pants and shorts.

Check out their full spring and summer collections, here.

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