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TGIF Shopping: BOGA Luxury Menswear

The windy city blows a fresh face into luxury menswear. We’d like to introduce you to BOGA a contemporary American brand inspired by Italian craftsmanship. They have highly functional pieces with color palettes that you can easily mix and match. BOGA has built some buzz recently with their well-fitting clothing especially for athletic guys. While they are a luxury brand — the price points are attainable (see below) — and the clothes look damn good. We particularly recommend their calfskin Bossman Boots and BOGA denim which offers three fits to cater to any body type.

We caught up with BOGA’s CEO, Jeffrey Burkard, about the brand here’s what he had to say:

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What is the inspiration behind BOGA?

BOGA was created for the modern man. We understand that men want to feel stylish, comfortable, and confident in what they wear, and that they demand high quality and value in everything that they buy. With an evolved collection of smart essentials and special statement items, BOGA makes shopping for a sophisticated wardrobe effortless for the modern man. Although BOGA is a men’s luxury brand it has attainable prices.

Who is the BOGA guy?

The BOGA guy is someone who values style, high-quality, and fine craftsmanship. They expect the pieces that complement their wardrobe to be highly functional and transitional, yet polished. These are urban men who like to add their own personal style to whatever they wear, knowing that what they choose will enhance not only their look, but lifestyle.

Can you talk about the design aesthetic behind BOGA?

BOGA is designed with intention. Everything that we execute, from our strategically placed whipstitched mother of pearl buttons to the way we construct our shoes for all-day comfort, is designed with the modern man top of mind. This means sourcing high-quality yarns and materials from Europe’s most storied textile mills that will perform over time.

How has the brand’s launch gone so far? Are there any big names wearing the brand?

The launch is going well. We launched our e-commerce site in April and opened our West Loop retail store in September, so we’re still very young. We are currently operating as an omni-channel retailer, with a wholesale, e-commerce and retail business all operating simultaneously. We are also testing the waters with our first digitally integrated pop-up marketplace in the heart of SoHo, NY. Several of our notable customers include Stanley Cup winner and Calgary Flames left wing Brandon Bollig, MSNBC news anchor Thomas Roberts, and celebrity trainer Sebastian Morel-Ferreira.

What pieces would you recommend to guys looking to try out the BOGA?

We recommend our premium denim, available in eight sophisticated washes with clean, non-distressed finishes. We have also capitalized on the growing buzz surrounding athletic-fit denim, by specially designing our Koop and Otto fits as an option for guys who need a little extra room for their muscular thighs and glutes. Our collection of long-sleeve casual shirts are also a great option. Made from 100% extra-long staple cotton, our shirts feature the perfect weight and breathability for year-round wear.

Here’s a breakdown of pricing and different fits. To check it out for yourself visit BOGA online.

Denim – $165.00-$198.00

Jack -Designed to complement a thin physique. The rise on this fit accentuates even a non-existent seat. Features a lean leg and low-mid rise for the urbane man.

Koop- Designed to compliment a well-proportioned, athletic physique. Features a slightly tapered leg and mid-rise for the urbane man.

Otto- Designed to complement a muscular build. Accommodates larger quads and seat without sacrificing a polished look. This denim allows guys to no longer size up because of a larger seat and thick thighs.

Bossman Boots – $525.00 (High shine not patent)

Tailored Wool Vests- $190.00-$290.00

Fully Lined Blazers –$590.00-$690.00

Dress Shirts -$160.00-$290.00

Knitwear- $695.00

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