TGIF Shopping: 13 Shorts For Any Occasion

Shorts are tough for a grown ass man. They’re inherently casual by design, so for the sophisticated type, it’s often hard to find a short that still makes you feel like you’ve got the cahonas of the baller you are–or, in some cases, have convinced yourself you are.

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But the great thing about shorts is that being that they typically get less wear due to their older brother, pants, one can take more risks in terms of colors and patterns. They’re less a utility garment, not intended for the workplace, but rather a rare opportunity to take a style risk.

Or maybe that’s not you. And that’s fine. No judgments.

Thankfully, there’s a plethora of great shorts out there. Below, 13 of our favorites to get you through any occasion, from backyard BBQ to a yacht party (and everywhere in between).

Men’s Corduroy Short, A​lmond X Woolrich, $75

Brian Jogger In Indigo Sport, Mavi, $88

Conversational Basic Short, Original Penguin, $65

‘Bedford’ Floral Camo Print Cargo Shorts, WRK, $78

Drawstring Striped Shorts, Mark McNairy, $89

Casual Linen Bermuda, Vilebrequin, $250

FSC Shorts, Freemans Sporting Club, $150

Lucky’s Linen Shorts, CWST, $215

Mulberry Washed Nevada Shorts, 34 Heritage, $115

Cuffed Trouser Short, BESPOKEN, $215

Coastal Lace-Up, Aether Apparel, $135

All-Wear Shorts, Patagonia, $59

Kamber Board Shorts, WeSC, $60