Product of Bob Scales: Shirts for Life

product bob scales shirts life

Product of Bob Scales, a new shirt collection marrying stylish utilitarian design with top-notch fabrics and made in the USA manufacturing, is barely a week old, but we’re already obsessed. As a former skater in the 80s who would repurpose finds from Sears and surplus stores, and learn about cutting and textiles from several design houses, San Fran designer Bob Scales was always searching for that elusive perfect garment. Debuting on Indiegogo recently, the collection not only offers to grown men those perfectly constructed items but also a modern attitude and solution to the age-old quest for the perfect shirt, which sits just right with us.

“There is nothing novel about the product I am designing—no logo, no pop color button hole on the bottom button, no split yoke cut on the bias—just shirts that have this quiet quality I have been obsessing over,” Scales explains. “My hope is that my everyday shirts will have the same effect of seeing someone wearing a suit with working buttons holes and leaving the last button open. There are probably only a handful of people who understand and appreciate that detail in the same way that there are only a few people who will pick up on the build quality and superior textiles of my shirts, but they are the only ones I am trying to talk to.”

With shirts normally ranging from $120-$160 and one very cool zip-front jacket for $250 made from top-of-the-line, solid weighted Japanese milled cottons, we think PoBS is already a lot of bang for buck. But what’s even a better bargain is a personal discount of 50% for life on any full-price item. The Indiegogo campaign, which also includes a one-year subscription of 12 shirts plus one jacket for $900, runs through 10/20 with product expected to ship in late November. Consider it one way to get shirt shopping out of the way through 2016.