Lace up designer shoes for less than $100 from Mark McNairy

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While signature designer clothing is often attractive and high quality, its cost and relative rarity can keep it out of most peoples’ hands. Award-winning designer Mark McNairy, who has worked with the likes of Pharrell’s BBC Black, Adidas, and Timberland, understands that all too well. That’s why he teamed up with New Republic to create great Mark McNairy shoes for less than $100.

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Mark McNairy, New Republic, Blue Suede Shoes

McNairy’s influence in the New Republic line is clear, with a full collection of custom uppers and soles, all with a foot in the past, and an eye towards modernity. Classic looks like the brogue, loafer, and chukka all make an appearance, with 14 shoes in all.

For the more casual among us, McNairy for New Republic also has a pair of driving moccasins. These comfortable, everyday wear shoes are fitted with knobbed heels for perfect grip while taking your favorite car out for a spin, or just lounging around the house. They’re somewhere between slippers and sneakers, and if you haven’t tried a pair, this would be a good place to start.

Mark McNairy shoes, New Republic, Driving shoes

For the price, you might be imagining these aren’t the highest quality shoes, but that’s not the case here, according to McNairy, who reminds us “price is not a necessary measure of quality.” Each shoe in the collection betrays its budget status with beautiful, soft suede, comfortable leather lining, and EVA or rubber outsoles.

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As a whole, the collection is about providing footwear for specific occasions, at a reasonable price, so you can pick out a few and change them out as need be. A cozy pair of mocs on the weekend, loafers for work, and chukkas for an evening out afterwards. There are only a few other brands producing such high quality footwear at such a low price point, and if it’s backed by a well-respected designer, that’s just icing on the cake.

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