On Your Feet: Lamborghini sneakers? Yes please

lamborghini sneakers mizunowave car

Wanting a branded jacket or pair of shoes to go with your new sports car is nothing, and high-end automobile manufacturers have paired up with athletic brands frequently to provide just that kind of service. In that spirit, Lamborghini has teamed up with Japanese outerwear and footwear designer Mizuno for a pair of slick new sneakers.

The running shoe, which Mizuno is calling the Wave Tenjin, features their special Wave technology, as well as a special colorway and silhouette only available as a Lamborghini edition. The upper is composed of a few black tones in plastic and woven materials, with a grey midsole and gold highlights on the outsole. The iconic Lamborghini branding appears prominently on the tongue.


Mizuno’s Wave technology is one of a number of proprietary methods of reducing the stress runners feel in their feet upon impact. Each loop in the outsole of the shoe redirects that pressure towards the outside of the feet, creating more virtual surface area than with a standard running sole.


It isn’t just a winning situation for Lamborghini, either. “The Lamborghini marque is renowned worldwide and is in perfect harmony with Mizuno’s commitment to technology, innovation and quality” said Takeshi Shichijo, Director of Mizuno. “This is the perfect platform through which to introduce Mizuno to enthusiasts of the Lamborghini brand.”


Mizuno and Collezione Automobili Lamborghini are signed up for a five year partnership that kicks off when the Wave Tenjin go on sale in the fall of 2015. The deal involves Mizuno producing footwear and apparel for Lamborghini with their branding on it, so these are far from the last unique item we’ll see in the line.

No word yet on pricing, but if you’re interested, you can check out the full line of Mizuno shoes and apparel over on their store.

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