How a Broken Leg Helped Mountain Athlete Anton Krupicka

Today we speak to Mountain Athlete Anton Krupicka:

I grew up on my family’s farm in Nebraska and that rural upbringing where my parents heavily emphasized a lifestyle that is connected to the land—has influenced my perspective as a mountain athlete the last 10 years. For me, moving in the mountains, be it running, climbing, biking, or skiing, has been about challenge, personal growth, and competition, but mostly, it has and continues to be a means of fostering a connection to place.

I started as a fanatical runner back in Nebraska, even finishing my first marathon when I was only 12, but after competing in track and cross country in high school and college, I began racing in the mountains and that’s when I had immediate success and it actually became a career for me.

A broken leg five years ago caused me to branch out into climbing, and subsequent injuries have opened my eyes to the joys and virtues of being a multi-disciplinary mountain athlete, adding biking and skiing to my skill set as well.

Going forward, I will hopefully continue to race, but my focus will increasingly shift to mountain adventures that combine all of my interests, particularly that of being as self-propelled as possible. I love working with brands such as BUFF and Ultimate Direction that are aligned with my passions and allow me to explore and adventure as much as possible.

As for my personal style:

Jeans: To be honest, the brand doesn’t matter to me, only that they fit how I like, and that’s skinny!

Shirts: Simple t-shirts with the right cut—not too boxy or short in the torso. I love American Apparel T-shirts and Wrangler snap button shirts with a bit of a Western feel.

Pants: Same as jeans, no favorite brand but they’ve got to be Skinny.

Suits: I was just measured recently for my first bespoke suit, from Chookhare & Sons. I’m super excited about it and can’t wait to see what Tom makes for me!

Shoes: La Sportiva running or approach shoes. Havaiana style flip-flops. A pair of 1971 government-issue black leather combat boots. Boots my Dad was issued in basic training when he was drafted for Vietnam.

Accessories: I love my BUFF Anton Collection for all sorts of protection and comfort while running and outdoors activities. I also wear the Ultimate Direction AK Mountain Vest 3.0 for hydration and versatility.

Outerwear: I have a couple pieces from Roark Revival that I really like. Their Major Briggs Jacket.

Favorite Cologne: don’t use

Your favorite App: probably Instagram. Let’s me keep up with friends, easy source of constant inspiration.

Favorite piece of technology: I like my Suunto GPS watch. I can easily be a numbers guy.

Next tech purchase: Maybe sound-cancelling headphones for air travel.

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