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Hasta Sporting makes clothes that take care of you

Launched in February, NYC-based Hasta Sporting is a brand new menswear brand that merges urban sophistication with engineered coastal casualness. Its selection of outerwear, tops, bottoms and accessories often use performance fabrics that enhance an active lifestyle. Hasta, which named after the Latin word for spear, is currently sold in about 20 boutiques as well as its own online store.

On the eve of the release of their new summer capsule collection that comprises a bomber jacket, beach pant and two polo shirts, brand founders Tyler Rowe, Ginger Jones and Rory Fortune filled me in about these four pieces and their great new line in general.


Why did you start the brand?

Tyler: We wanted to mix a bit of New York flavor in with a little coastal aesthetic and drive home design solutions. We wanted to offer a fresh voice in the outdoor and sportswear space and have fun with cool, innovative fabrics, offer left-of-center essentials and have fun with graphics to express ourselves.

What is Hasta Sporting’s aesthetic?

Ginger: The overall aesthetic of the line is what is essential and what is novel. Each season we dive into the performance features that we are looking to explore as well as also what just feels current and fresh.

What are some of your favorite pieces?

Tyler: I am personally really, really excited about the Beach Pant that we are offering in the capsule collection. It’s got this very cool Italian seersucker fabric that has some really cool performance properties to it. It’s super lightweight, anti-abrasion, quick drying, water resistant and has a dope concealed pocket on the back right. It has a really cool silhouette with a relaxed waistband construction kind of like a boardshort but then it’s a little bit tailored to the leg so I feel like I can rock it on the beach but also wear it afterwards.

For outwear for me personally it’s the Coach’s Jacket that is in that same seersucker fabric as the Beach Pant. For the tops I love the Fisherman Shirt. We do it in a cotton-nylon. It’s something I get really stoked about when I am out in the elements or on a boat fishing, hiking or riding my bike. For accessories the Burgundy Hat is second to none for me because the fabric has some crazy properties to it. It will keep my head warm if it is a little chilly outside but then it breathes if it is hot and it also has those anti-abrasion properties so it’s going to wear much longer. I beat up my hats so it’s something I will be able to rock next summer and take it on the golf course or hiking and get some really good life out of it.


You’ve just launched four new pieces for summer. What makes them special?

Ginger: The capsule is basically a highlight of the more technical elements so with the polo shirts there’s a thermal bonded pocket in the back where you can throw in your golfs tees, wallet and phone. It’s a new interpretation of a polo shirt. With the bomber as well we went with a Japanese nylon that is waterproof and anti-abrasion. And the trouser is tailored but it also has the ease of a boardshort and it has a built-in gusset at the bottom so you get movement if you are going to cycle to work. This trouser gives you the ease and flexibility of a sport trouser but with a tailored silhouette to keep it clean and crisp. We want to keep things accessible but we also want to create novelty and specialness.

What performance fabrics do you employ?

Ginger: The technical properties we offer this season were abrasion resistance and a bit of mechanical stretch, water resistance and anti-microbial. With a thing like the natural pique there is a breathability that goes along with that so even with a traditional fabric there are elements to it that are going to be able to wick away sweat or dry fast. And they will last you as well. Quality is really important to us. We maintain this integrity about the product so it’s not something that we just turn out season after season. It’s something that is going to stick with you this summer and next summer as well.


Where are the clothes made?

Rory: All over the world but this capsule collection is made in Italy. It’s the same factory that makes stuff for Dolce & Gabbana and Zegna and a lot of Italian brands that use a lot of technical manufacturing. But then we also make stuff in Asia and the USA.

Who is your customer?

Ginger: Our customer is anyone from 18 to 65. The nice thing about our collection is that the conceptualness is all divvied in the design features and the fabrics and the overall silhouettes are things that are basically reinterpreted classics so they are usually digestible and worn by everyone but they are definitely for people who are looking for something special – something that takes care of you instead of you taking care of it.

What’s next for the brand?

Ginger: We’re really interested in creating a community. We’re getting people in the fields of yoga, boxing, decathlon and fishing and giving them product and getting back information to create new and better product.

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