Frameri’s Interchangeable Eyewear lets you Rock Different Frames on the Same Lenses

If you thought Warby Parker’s stylish frames and low prices were cool, just wait until you check out Frameri. This new startup (which officially launched just yesterday) is poised to take the industry by storm with something completely new and different: an interchangeable lens system.

That might not sound particularly groundbreaking at first, but trust us, it’s a game changer. This innovative system essentially allows you to use the same lenses (whether they be prescription or otherwise) in a broad variety of different frames. So in other words, you’re not stuck with the same set of spectacles every day — you can pop the lenses into a different frame to suit different styles and situations.

MagellanHere’s how it works: the company sells glasses in three different families: Aerial, Tidal, and Terra — with more on the way. Each family boasts a range of different styles and colors, and lenses come in both tinted and non-tinted varieties. You can also give Frameri your prescription details and they’ll make you shades or clear lenses with the proper amount of correction. The idea is that if you purchase two or three colors/frame styles within the same family, the lenses you buy will fit into all of them, despite the fact that they may be shaped differently.

To make this possible, the company engineered a special set of lenses with an ultra-durable polymer coating and a special polycarbonate rim that allows them to snap in and out of frames without scratching or breaking. It takes a bit of getting used to at first, but once you realize that the frames can be bent and twisted fairly rigorously without breaking, swapping styles only takes a few seconds.

At $100 bucks a pop for frames and lenses, they’re admittedly a bit more expensive than what you’d find on Warby, but Frameri claims their glasses are of much higher quality, and, (obviously) give you a much broader range of style options. So if you’re keen on the idea of rocking multiple styles and having the ability to switch things up from day to day, look no further.

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