Bridge & Burn teams with Option-G for gorgeous geometric-designed graphic tees

bridge and burn partners with option g for new graphic tees laydown

As the Portland-based clothing company Bridge & Burn continues to make a name for itself in the Pacific Northwest, brand founder and lead designer Erik Prowell has consistently found new ways to keep his company fresh and inventive. Be it a collaboration with John Blasioli or working with companies like Adidas and Need Supply, Bridge & Burn has developed a quality strategy for keeping the store creative.

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After launching its playful Spring/Summer ’16 collection in March, Prowell dipped into his artistic well and teamed up with fellow tee shirt designer Cole Gerst to develop the Portland-loving Bridge & Burn + Option-G graphic tee collaboration. Not just for residents of the Pacific Northwest, the tees born from this unique collaboration are perfect for anyone.

Born from Prowell and Gerst’s longtime affinity for producing graphic tee shirts, the Bridge & Burn + Option-G release perfectly showcases Gerst’s geometric art style. While also capturing each designer’s love of Portland (which is where they’re both located), the collection is gleaned from four separate pieces of art from Gerst’s own collection. Reflecting iconic Pacific Northwest symbols such as bears, foxes, and hummingbirds, the duo also released a classic totem pole and Forest Park-inspired tee.


“The tee shirt designs are inspired by living in the Pacific Northwest,” said Gerst. “I wanted to celebrate our culture and the arrival of Spring when we all get on our bikes, get out and explore and enjoy all the nature around us.”

As mentioned above, Gerst makes use of geometric shapes to compile the final images of each graphic — something which helps achieve a sort of retro-modernist character. Printed on a soft blend of cotton, rayon, and polyester, each shirt is incredibly soft and is easily wearable “over and over again,” as the press release states. The collection is available now via Bridge & Burn’s website for a limited time and is offered in a full size run in men’s and women’s sizes.

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