Our 7 Favorite Men’s Watches Under $500, From Stylish to Smart

Collecting anything should be a labor of love, not a painful dilemma. Unfortunately, the watch world doesn’t share the same sentiment. The big-money pieces make most of the headlines, sure, but there are plenty of great timepieces out there that don’t require you to crack into your savings account.

From unique designs to some remakes of popular high-end models, here are the best watches under $500. You’re welcome.

If you’re looking to score some sweet deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we’ve got you covered. If there are any discounts, we’ll update the prices on our favorite picks below, but you can find the best Black Friday sales on our comprehensive deals page.

Best Everyday Watch

Linjer Black Dial Chronograph – $275
Tomas Patlan/The Manual
Featuring a face that’s both sporty and elegant, the Black Dial Chronograph from Linjer is a fantastic choice for the man in search of a watch that’s minimalist and masculine. We received a sneak-peek sample of this model before its debut in April 2018 and loved the chronograph so much, we even used it to time intervals while working out.

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Best Luxury Watch

The Shinola Runwell – $550
shinola runwell blue

The flagship timepiece from Shinola is a simple watch decked out in a sumptuous midnight blue. A bold, no-fuss face is complemented by a sumptuous leather band, which makes this a great pick for casual and formal settings alike. And while we know it’s not technically under $500, it’s still an awesome deal.

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Best Budget Watch

The Waterbury from Timex – $129
timex waterbury olive green strap

It’s hard to go wrong with Timex, especially if you find yourself considering its Waterbury model. The streamlined watch features an easy-to-read face, a small calendar, and a leather strap that comes in olive, slate, or brown. It’s also priced for lower budgets, which makes this model the perfect addition to a penny-pincher’s closet. 

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Best Watch for the Bold

MVMT Black Tan Chrono Series – $115
mvmt black and tan chronograph

For a more modern look, check out the Chrono Series from MVMT. The matte black finish gives this timepiece a sophisticated edge, while the large dials on the side keep it looking masculine and fresh, and the bright red second-hand evokes red-line power. The band comes in either natural leather or black metal, though we suggest the natural leather to really amplify the contrasting color scheme, making this truly a statement timepiece. 

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Best “Classy” Watch

1815 Chronograph – $350
scov andersen chronograph

The 1815 Chronograph from About Vintage evokes a classic aesthetic with its bright face and crisp, brown strap. As the name suggests, this particular timepiece is inspired by the 1815 invention of the chronograph, a device that combines a stopwatch with a display watch. The blue dial numbers and hour, second, and minute hands compliment the rich brown of the strap and stand-out against the pure-white dial and silver case. 

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Best Chronograph

Armogan Regalia – $111
armogan regalia

Built for the guy on the go, this ultra-durable watch from Armogan is designed to stand the — pardon the pun — test of time. Not only is it constructed with resilient stainless steel and leather, this timepiece is also water-resistant and protected by a two-year warranty. Not to mention the black and orange color-scheme is pretty bad-ass. 

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Best Smart Watch

Apple Watch Series 3 GPS + Cellular – $399

For those in search of something a bit more techy, you can’t go wrong with the Apple Watch. Sure, it’s a tad more expensive than other timepieces on this list, but when you think about all that’s packed into this bad boy—cellular service, GPS, Wi-Fi and a heart rate sensor to name just a few — $399 feels like a bargain.

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If you’re known to your friends as Mr. Money Bags and $500 is too little for your rich blood, check out our guide to the best watches under $1,000 and be impressed.

Article originally published by Cody Gohl on March 1, 2018. Last updated by Chase Mc Peak on August 29, 2018.


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