Hands Down: The Best Men’s Leather Gloves from Hestra

hestra gloves, men's leather gloves
Tired of frozen fingers, red and raw from the cold? Feeling a little feisty and want to challenge someone to a duel? A good pair of gloves can help with both problems.

Unlike Homer Simpson, you probably shouldn’t go around challenging people to duels by slapping them in the face with a fine leather glove. But, if you absolutely must “demand satisfaction” in the form of a glove slap, you might as well use the best gloves possible.

Hestra, the venerable glove maker that’s been around since the 1930’s sells some of the finest looking men’s leather gloves on the market today. Hand sewn in Sweden, Hestra’s family owned business provides top-quality gloves that will last a lifetime. Hestra uses only the finest leathers, along with a drum-dyed process that allows the leather to retain its natural features while acquiring a warm hue. With three categories in their “Dress” collection of gloves (Table Cut, Collection, and Sport), we’ve picked our favorites from each.

While these gloves might seem a tad on the expensive side, once you realize that this is an investment piece that you’ll find warming your hands for years, you’ll understand the overall savings.

Table Cut

According to Hestra, this line contains their finest gloves with modern styling and a little extra flair.

Peccary Palm Button (unlined) $400

peccary glove unlined

Hairsheep Handsewn Cashmere (lined) $225

hairsheep handsewn cashmere lined gloves

Peccary Crochet $350

peccary crochet gloves

Collection Line

Focused on what’s trending now, the Collection line is filled with seasonal and classic styles that can be paired with almost anything in your current wardrobe.

Andrea Black $140

andrea black, gloves, hestra

Charles $125

charles gloves burgundy

Steve Drivers $130

steve drivers, hestra gloves

Sport Classic Line

Inspired by nature, the Sport Classic line features gloves made from deerskin or elk leather. They are also far more heavy duty and most are lined with wool or lambskin, allowing you to do more in the cold.

Deerskin Primaloft Ribbed $125

primaloff ribbed gloves

Leather Voss Mitt $150

leather voss mitt

Tallberg $150

tallberg gloves

Hairsheep Wool Tricot $100

hairsheep tricot

For even more sport gloves, geared toward specific recreational activities, check out Hestra’s dedicated line here.

Hestra also has a bespoke glove-making program, wherein you get customized gloves sewn specifically to fit your hands. For more information about their bespoke program, check out the page here.

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