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You Need One of the Best Hoodies to Wear For Summer

Best Hoodies to Wear Summer

We’ve all been there. The sun goes down at the beach or on the lake, and all of a sudden, that T-shirt or polo just isn’t going to cut it. We know what you need: One of the best hoodies for men — and one of the best summer hoodies, to be more specific. Lightweight, durable, athletically-inspired, and yet casually cool, the best men’s hooded sweatshirts add a bit of warmth and a lot of rugged appeal to even the most classic looks. 

After all, the hoodie has a storied legacy. Its first modern iteration was created by Champion, and worn by factory workers in cold New York warehouses. While it’s considered a utilitarian garment, it has been repurposed as high-fashion streetwear, and, in our new pandemic reality, everyone has been wearing sweats seemingly all day, every day. We think our picks from our favorite brands below are a sight better than throwing on that novelty logo hoodie you found in the closet of your cabin — in fact, these hoodies are so stylish that you won’t want to take yours off. Find your new, perfect summer layer below.

Champion Reverse Weave Hooded Sweatshirt 

It’s nearly impossible to talk about the best hooded sweatshirts without mentioning an enduring brand that changed the game decades ago. Throw on this Champion hoodie night after night this summer.

John Elliott Agave Hooded Sweatshirt

John Elliott has revolutionized the way guys dress casually. This hooded sweatshirt is exhibit A, with a summer-friendly color (maybe pair it with a margarita?) and a bit of edgy, cool styling potential, all thanks to his trademark side zips.

Daily Paper Clothing Logo Zip Hoodie 

Shake up your summer hoodie with a bit of a streetwear edge via this bold-yet-understated zip hoodie to wear over your favorite T-shirt. 

Pyer Moss Classic Logo Cropped Hoodie

Pyer Moss Classic Logo Cropped Hoodie

The best hooded sweatshirt for summer doesn’t always need to be the same old thing — this cropped logo hoodie from Pyer Moss is a reliable way to mix a bit of streetwear style into your off-duty wardrobe. 

Sunspel Loopback Cotton Jersey Hoodie 

Sunspel Loopback Cotton Jersey Hoodie 

Even casual wear can be ever-so-slightly refined. Just take this soft, breezy, bonfire-ready jersey hoodie from British heritage clothier Sunspel. 

Reigning Champ Pullover Hoodie 

Terry fabric — ideal for throwing on over a denim shirt at a moment’s notice — and a summer-ready color set this durable hoodie apart from the pack. Bring it along on your next socially distanced getaway. 

Parallel X League Zip Hoodie 

For those summer mornings and nights when breezy weather off the water threatens to get the best of you, reach for this rugged zip hoodie, a fitting piece of casual wear from ex-MLB player Brandon League’s clothing line. 

Faherty Brand Slub Cotton Hoodie 

Faherty Brand Slub Cotton Hoodie

When it comes to making the best hoodie for summer, Faherty Brand just gets it. We’re talking soft fabric and a reliable fit for casual early summer mornings sipping coffee, and evenings sipping whiskey. 

Mott and Bow Hooper French Terry Hoodie 

The perfect hoodie to go with your favorite pair of light wash jeans (preferably also from Mott and Bow)? This comfortable, casual, just-right zip hoodie. 

Vans Cotton Jersey Hoodie

Vans Cotton Jersey Hoodie

We think we’ve found the best pairing for your trusty Vans slip-ons, and it’s this color-blocked hoodie. Pair the combo with a fresh white tee and rolled chinos for easygoing summer style. 

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