Best Flannel Shirts for Fall 2013

Come winter, it’s only natural that we think less about buying shirts than a great sweater or jacket when they’re inevitably buried under several layers of clothing. Still, nothing beats a flannel shirt’s versatility and warmth, particularly when it’s too hot to wear a jacket or too nippy to step out in just a t-shirt. This season, designers offered a couple of new approaches to the classic outdoor layer: one, softer, organic cotton blends for a quietly luxurious feel; and two, multi-patterned or patchworked flannel for an unexpected, playful edge. Designers also for the most part offered slimmer fits and shorter lengths, knowing quite well that most lads just like to wear their shirts untucked. To be sure, you won’t have to look hard for flannel—the nearest Old Navy or Uniqlo will have plenty—but if you’re looking for flannel that’s equally tough and sophisticated enough to wear in the big city, these eight options will suit you just fine. L-R: Indigo dot blue flannel shirt, Gitman Vintage, $205; wool flannel shirt, Anachronorm, $193; Billings cotton flannel shirt, Bills Khakis, $155; cotton twill weave flannel check shirt, White Mountaineering, $431; grey flannel shirt with suede patch elbows, J.Crew, $100; Loggerhead blanket stripe flannel shirt, Edwin, $195.78; Western red ombre flannel shirt, Alex Mill, $165; ombre spray flannel shirt, Public School, $355.