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Yes, You Can Wear Boots to the Office: Here are the Best Pairs

If you thought your favorite pair of leather boots could only be worn on the weekends or out in the field, think again. The best leather boots are made to go anywhere you need to go, from the office to the field to the open road and back. But on that first point: The best boots to wear to the office blend rugged appeal and timeless style, along with a hearty dose of fall and winter-ready design. The best leather boots also feature the kind of versatility that works with hearty fall fabrics, from tweed trousers and a chambray shirt to a tan herringbone suit. Take a look at your new favorite pairs of office-ready boots below.

Allen Edmonds Higgins Mill Waterproof Boots

Allen Edmonds Higgins Mill Waterproof Boots

The brand that makes some of the best dress shoes in the country has turned that same skill and attention toward rugged-yet-refined leather boots that don’t miss a beat at the office, especially when paired with dark denim and a classic navy blazer. Outdoor-ready performance merged with sleek style? Sign us up.

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Taylor Stitch Ranch Boots

Taylor Stitch Ranch Boots in Saddle Tan

Taylor Stitch is a surefire winner when it comes to crafting rugged men’s style staples, and that includes these surprisingly office-ready boots — they’re sleek yet tough, crafted to take on your commute, a long day at the office, or an evening at a hidden speakeasy. Seriously, they’re just that good.

Florsheim Shoe Company Foundry Cap-Toe Boot

Florsheim Foundry Captoe Boots

The recent introduction of Florsheim’s Foundry line, using beautiful leathers done up in versatile and classic silhouettes, should be a welcome addition to your office footwear rotation.

Keen Eastin Leather Boot

KEEN Eastin Leather Boots

If you work in a casual office, then these outdoor-tested, seriously sustainable leather boots from Keen (especially in rich brown leather) are the way to go. Made with plenty of eco-conscious touches, including environmentally preferred leather and water-repellency technology that’s free of harmful chemicals, these will pair up equally well with dark denim and a shawl cardigan or tan chinos and a white Oxford shirt.

Rhodes Footwear Dean Boot

Rhodes Footwear Dean Boots

The good folks at Huckberry have turned their attention toward stylish and dependable footwear within the past year, including the highly versatile Rhodes Footwear line. The Dean Boots are sharp and suit-ready, especially in a deep rust color that’ll get better with age.

Wolverine Journeyman 6-Inch Boots

Wolverine Journeyman Work Boots

If your job involves a little bit of everything, from being outdoors to posting up at a drafting table, it’s hard to pass up the rugged appeal of the Wolverine Journeyman boots. What’s more, five percent of all proceeds of sales through the end of 2019 will go toward supporting the American College of Building Arts, which is good news for everyone involved. And on the style front, these boots feature a Goodyear-welted Vibram outsole and a versatile captoe design.

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