Represent! Flaunt your Hometown with Apolis’ New Customizable T-Shirt

We’re no stranger to Apolis’ customizable products. We’ve written previously about their customizable (and durable) market bag, their line of upcycled, hand-blown glass, and its New York shop.

Now, Apolis is taking their Peruvian sewn, cotton jersey t-shirts and offering up the ability to customize them to your heart’s content.

apolis t-shirt

But, wait, you may be thinking, can’t I customize t-shirts online for like five bucks? The short answer: yes. The long answer: You can, but the quality is going to be terrible and we can guarantee you the shirt is going to fall apart after a few wears and washes. Beyond that, you have no idea where these off-brand customizable t-shirts are coming from. Are they sewn in sweatshops in Bangladesh or in huge garment factories in India where people have more rights, but little to no work place safety precautions? It’s an ethical quandry, one that you no longer have to entertain with Apolis’ customizable t-shirts.

When it comes to doing good, Apolis knows the drill. According to the company, the t-shirts are “Sewn in Peru using the highest social and environmental standards,” where Apolis employees, “pair a soft, washed organic cotton jersey with a fit inspired by military issue undershirts.”

Whether it’s the town you call home or a call to action you wish to spotlight, Apolis wants to transform you into your own, walking billboard. With space to add your own neighborhood, state, and country, everyone you meet will know not only where you’re from, but that you support it enough to wear your heart on your sleeve.

Single purchases are $44, but you save $3 per shirt when you buy 5, $4 when you buy 10, and $5 per shirt when you order 50 or more ($39 each), so if you’re putting together an amateur dodge-ball team or something similar, Apolis has got you covered with high-quality, uber comfortable tees that won’t wear out after a single season.

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