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Hypebeast is making Adidas’ best look even better

Adidas has been making waves in the sneaker world in 2015, and the Ultraboost is just one example of a shoe that’s going to be on feet for years to come. With a comfortable and supportive Boost outsole, premium Primeknit upper, and a sleek runner look that’s becoming the norm, what’s not to love?

As it turns out, there’s a bit of animosity toward the plastic cage that holds the laces, as individuals have been finding ways to remove them since the launch of Ultraboost. It’s a fairly simple process of taking an exacto-knife to a $180 pair of sneakers, then re-threading the laces through holes in the Primeknit. While it compromises running performance, it also makes the shoe more comfortable for daily use, and it looks pretty slick to boot.

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And it makes sense, because sneaker collecting has always been about making a statement, and reflecting each wearer’s own individuality. Adidas is playing to those strengths with the UltraBoost Uncaged, a new version of the rising star that is the Ultraboost that lacks the stiff plastic cage of the original model.

For the first release of the Ultraboost Uncaged, Adidas has tapped fashion blog Hypebeast for a collaborative effort. Along with that comes not just a black and white color palette, an increasingly popular option for this type of shoe, but also a few other premium features. It’s now fitted with a laser-etched, premium leather insole, and an NFC chip that allows owners access to a special suite of content and information about their pair.

A big name in style journalism like Hypebeast is sure to make this release even harder to find, if not impossible, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look. Adidas has been working hard to put even their rarest shoes, like the Pusha T EQT and the Yeezy Boost, on as many store shelves as possible. If these are calling your name, Hypebeast has a full list of the stores that will be carrying the elusive Ultraboost Uncaged.

[Image credit: Hypebeast]

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