5 Reasons to Visit the Filson Seattle Flagship

The first ever and new Filson Seattle Flagship is a beautiful homage its first customers, over 100 years ago—American adventurers who passed through Seattle for the Gold Rush looking for awesome weather resistant gear.  Totem poles, reclaimed wood beams, a gargantuan moose head and a vintage satellite are great inspiration setting up your own cabin, but there are 5 more reasons you should skip the online store and stop in here if ever in Seattle.

Seeing Made in America Happen

From the floor of the store, there are large windows that look into Filson’s original and still functioning workhouse.

Globally Scaled Inventory

It’s home to the largest selection of Filson products anywhere on Earth. From their slim-cut “Seattle” line to handcrafted leather camera bags.

Exclusive Stuff

The store carries anything from limited edition wallets to reimagined vintage that are exclusive to the store.

Lifetime Guarantee

Yup, every piece of Filson anything comes with a lifetime guarantee. They’ll even take your old beat up Filson bag and make anew one out of it.

Fishing Tips

Word has it the staff like to fish and know some good spots.