10 Best Work Bags For Summer

Just as attitudes towards what to wear to the office continue to trend in a casual vein, the concept of the traditional work bag has been undergoing somewhat of a quiet revolution. As Byron Peart of the fine, modern accessories brand WANT Essentiels de la Vie explains, it’s not because guys no longer have a need for them. Rather, it’s that “Men are no longer viewing their luggage or work bags from a strictly utilitarian perspective. We’re finding that men are looking for something sophisticated and stylish, which integrates seamless with their wardrobe.”

Here at The Manual, we’re all in favor of soft, premium leather satchels and handsome totes to even the type of rucksack WANT is proposing with its new Kastrup style for the office. As Peart explains of the softer, streamlined option, “It is a great addition to a simple ensemble and can really allow your personal style to shine through in a professional setting.” With all the options out there, however, it’s worth keeping in mind the following three elements when shopping: versatility, aesthetics and durability. Fortunately, most bag makers know better than to veer from quality and good design.

As Bill Adler, maker of Eugene, Oregon’s WILL Leather Goods, whose postman-inspired bag is featured here, puts it, “I think men would rather invest in a piece that will last than pick up the latest ‘it’ bag. Plus, leather is personal: the more you use it and work it in, the better it’ll look.”

Following, 10 of the season’s sharpest-looking bags for making the best impression at the office:

Eton leather satchel, Brooks England, $488; available at www.brooksengland.com

Kastrup backpack, WANT Essentiels de la Vie, $495; available at www.carsonstreetclothiers.com

London organizer brief, Ecoalf, $145; available at www.bloomingdales.com

Messenger bag, Banana Republic, $125; available at www.bananarepublic.com

Black plaid wax briefcase, Ernest Alexander, $295; available at www.clubmonaco.com

Summit leather document brief, Jack Spade, $395; available at www.jackspade.com

Red label large briefcase, Filson, $295; available at www.needsupply.com

Life tote, J. Panther Luggage Co., $390; available at www.jplc.com

Douglas postal bag, WILL Leather goods, $495; available at www.willleathergoods.com

Day pack nylon bag, Mismo, $495; available at www.tres-bien.com