What is Way Day? What You Need to Know About the Shopping Event

Way Day 2021, Wayfair’s big sales event, will occur this April. The online furniture and home goods retailer has not yet announced the exact date or dates, but after a pandemic-related shift to September for Way Day 2020, this year’s event is slated to happen in April as it did in 2018 and 2019.


If Wayfair sold only indoor furniture, seasonality might not matter much for Way Day 2021, but the online retailer also sells a wide variety of outdoor products. Spring is a great time to shop for savings at Wayfair on backyard and patio furniture, outdoor heating, cooling, and cooking devices, hot tubs and saunas. fencing, storage sheds, outdoor lighting, recreation equipment, and much more. Gazebos, pergolas, umbrellas, awnings, shutters, and carports are just a sample of the outdoor living and decorative items at Wayfair.

What’s on Sale for Way Day 2021?

We don’t know specifics about Way Day deals, but you can pretty much count on sales and bargains in every category of home furnishings and decor. If you’ve never shopped on Wayfair, you’ll find that it’s easy to specify characteristics in most furniture and related categories. If you’re looking for dining room chairs, for example, you can filter based on material, style, color, availability, customer rating, sustainability, dimensions, wood species, price range, and more.

Normal prices at Wayfair range from bargain-basement to customizable luxury levels. During Way Day 2021 you can expect special deals and discounts on tens of thousands of products. If Way Day 2021 follows the pattern of previous years, shipping will be free and there will also be special sales every six hours around the clock.

Are Way Day Deals Worth Waiting For?

If you’re in the market for new furniture, new appliances, new curtains, outdoor furniture sets, or any of Wayfair’s many product categories, it pays to narrow down your must-haves and wants so you won’t be distracted by deep discounts on products that don’t really fit your needs. However, if you know what you want and have already priced acceptable products at other sellers, or perhaps with normal Wayfair prices, if you can hang on until Way Day, you may find awesome bargains. If you don’t need anything for your home or apartment but want to browse, the usual caveats apply — just because you can save a lot of money on a great sale doesn’t mean you should buy something you don’t need.

Will Other Retailers Have Sales on Way Day?

Spring is always a busy season for sales of furniture, mattresses, and home improvement sales in general, and especially for outdoor furniture and accessories. Amazon launched the first Prime Day in July 2015, in the middle of summer which was ordinarily a slow selling season. Prime Day was so successful that other online merchants and many large retail chains piled on with their own sales events just before or during Prime Day. Since 2015 Prime Day has joined Black Friday as one of the most important sales events of the year for merchants and customers.

Way Day is different from Prime Day, however. Way Day falls during a traditional selling season for indoor and outdoor furniture and accessories. So the season may not attract other retailers to run their own sales. However, Wayfair’s massive online furniture sales presence may convince other merchants to join in. Wayfair’s easily searchable inventory of a seemingly inexhaustible selection of indoor and outdoor furnishings and home products attracts shoppers all year, so competitors may decide to capitalize on the Way Day sales event.

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