The Over-the-Top Luxury Gift Guide You Can’t Afford (But Wish You Could)

luxury gift guide

If there’s any season to drop $50,000 on a watch or $25,000 on a plane ticket, it’s the holidays. So for the man that has everything, we suggest going outside the poorly-wrapped box and looking to these luxury gifts to make the holidays really glow.

Bigger, bolder, and more expensive than we’ve ever gone before, The Manual’s Ultimate Luxury Gift Guide consists of booze, furniture, rides, timepieces, and more that offer comfort, affluence, and adventure. These extravagant gifts are rare and handcrafted — not another mass-produced piece of junk — that may break the bank but hey, you’ve been a very good boy this year.

Promemoria Bacco – $100,000

Who doesn’t want to be James Bond? Well, now you can drink like 007 with a 13-foot, Casino Royale-style barfor your home, created by luxury Italian design company Promemoria. The secret-agent cocktail bar that, while closed, looks like an ordinary closet, but open reveals a glowing mahogany drinking station, was discovered by interior designer Sarah Magness to be used in this year’s NYC Holiday House — an affluent interior design showhouse that raises funds for breast cancer work — and accompanied by a custom blackjack table and coffee table (not included for your home). The bar itself stands out as the focal point, emitting a sense of prestige and masculinity, with opening walls that act much like one of Q’s gadgets. Accessorize with these Bar and Barware Essentials.

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Leica S (Typ 007) – $18,950

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So you’re not a “professional” photographer. Who cares? Maybe it’s a hobby or a skill you’d enjoy developing. If that’s the case, start with the right equipment: a Leica. The top-model Leica S (Typ 007) combines Leica’s highest burst rate, extreme sensor sensitivity, and comprehensive capture modes for still pictures and now video, significantly accelerating and simplifying the photographic workflow. And, while the specs of this camera are too many to name here, one crowning jewel is the fast, predictive, autofocus module for subjects in motion — because you’ll need something better than your iPhone to capture the moment you unwrap your luxury gifts and take them for a spin.

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El Purista Smoking Chair – Call for Price Quote

ultimate luxury gift guide c04elpurista copyright 2017

If you’ve got your own cigar room, this classic smoking chair is the perfect piece de resistance to complete the room. Each El Purista smoking chair is designed personally to your taste (no prices available; must call for a quote); you can choose between 10 leathers and three woods for a modern armchair. Chilean architect Rodrigo Gonzale, and German lawyer Alexander Sauer conceived the idea of this chair (titled RA 1.15) by looking at an unfolding flower blossom and an open cigar box. The design process followed Charles Eames’ credo that “the recognition of need is a condition of good design.”

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NHL Team – $230,000,000

ultimate luxury gift guide nhl team

For the man that has everything: a professional hockey team! You might be surprised to find you can purchase the Carolina Hurricanes (ok, so they’re not the NY Islanders) for as little as $230 million. NFL, NBA, and MLB teams are quadruple that figure and just a smidge out of your budget, but for the sports aficionado that doesn’t want another stack of season tickets, I suppose an entire team will do.

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Indian Motorcycle Springfield Dark Horse – $20,999

ultimate luxury gift guide 2018 indian springfield dark horse thunder black smoke left

A matte-black paint job; Thunder Stroke 111 V-Twin engine; 19-inch, ten-spoke, blacked-out front wheel; and a pair of Black Ape Hanger Handlebars complete the devil-don’t-care aesthetic of Indian Motorcycle’s newest hog: the Springfield Dark Horse. This baby isn’t a crotch-rocket, but a laid-back cruiser for those who get on the road as meditation. Riders have called it, “the swiss army knife of cruisers,” like “riding a piece of art/history,” and “quite simply the best motorcycle I’ve ridden.” Wrap this gift with a simple, giant red bow.

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Sotheby’s Fine Timepieces – $50,000

ultimate luxury gift guide sotheby s watch

This online-only auction held by Sotheby’s from November 21 through December 5 brings together an extensive, luxury selection of some of the finest watch brands around the world for the sole purpose of finding a present for the watch aficionado in your life. If it’s you, by all means, treat yourself! The official list of fine timepieces was posted on November 21, with watches of diverse styles, eras, and types and at a range of price points (we’d suggest holding around $50,000 to bid with). What we love about these watches, other than their quality craftsmanship, is their rarity. You won’t find anything bulk or mass-produced.

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Highland Park 30-year-old Scotch – $899

ultimate luxury gift guide highlandpark

No need to go balls to the wall with a $3,00-$4,000 bottle of Rémy Martin’s LOUIS XIII Cognac, but you can go partially to the wall with a luxury Scotch aged 30 years and available around the block at Total Beverage. The taste is perfect for the holidays, exuding notes of aromatic spices, dark chocolate, orange, and the characteristic fudge sweetness expected from older Highland Park bottles. The spicy finish with nutmeg and ginger would be best enjoyed, well, in your cigar room El Purista smoking chair. Bonus points for bundling the pair. And, please, don’t wrap this bottle in tacky paper. The stamp of a luxury gift is that it requires no additional frills.

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A Trip to Space – $250,000

ultimate luxury gift guide virgingalactic

You may be considering gifting a trip to Paris, Bora Bora, or Tokyo, but we urge you to think outside the box. Why not a trip to space with Virgin Galactic? The full price of $25,000 is required as an up-front deposit, but you get with it a membership to the Future Astronaut community, naturally, to rub shoulders with fellow intergalactic explorers. Technically this gift won’t be unwrapped by the time Christmas day arrives, but, much like a gift certificate, it will pay in the long run. Complete the Virgin Galactic Future Astronaut Application Form for your giftee or yourself, as all seats are on an application-basis.

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Dalla Corte Mina Espresso Machine – $10,000

ultimate luxury gift guide dalla corte mina 01

A hardcore piece of coffee machinery, the Mina Espresso Machine sold by Clive Coffee is the only — I repeat, only — hardware worthy of your counter space and coffee cups. That’s because, along with looking sleek and sexy as one of Steve McQueen’s Porsches, the Mina offers unrivaled control over coffee extractions, making use of automation and repeat-ability via Bluetooth smartphone application. Whether you prefer pour overs or modern specialty espresso, this stunning machine is ready to perform to your purist expectations. If you thought you were a coffee snob before, you’ll be one now (no shame). Keurig, Nespresso, and Cuisinart … oh, honey please.

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Moke Car – $24,950

ultimate luxury gift guide mokecar

It’s been so trying having to walk from the beach house to the water at the vacation home, so here’s a gift to make the trek more exciting. The iconic heritage Moke beach car — which hit cult status when ultra-babe Brigitte Bardot drove it in St. Tropez — is still being made and personalized to suit your seaside escapes, offering a fun, luxury twist on golf cart meets four-wheeler meets Range Rover. The Moke comes in the traditional four-seat model with an open top featuring a retractable hood and is offered in a wide range of colors including black, red, white, and green, as well as eye-catching hues of orange, turquoise, pink, and yellow.

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Ezra Arthur + Max Sprecher Signature Straight Razor – $895

ultimate luxury gift guide razor 03

While some men couldn’t fathom spending more than $7 on a face razor, you’re different. And that’s exactly who the Ezra Arthur + Max Sprecher Straight Razor is for: men with some god damn class. The made-in-the-USA razor is comprised of a full-sized, hollow-ground blade that is intended to last several lifetimes, forged from carbon steel. Designed and crafted in collaboration with renowned artisan of custom straight razors, Max Sprecher, this is much more than a simple bathroom grooming accessory — this is a modern heirloom.

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