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The Manual’s must-have travel accessories

It’s summer so that means it’s peak travel time, and nothing is worse than being unprepared while on the go. From passport holders to travel adaptors, here are seven must-have travel accessories:

MRKT Benson Dopp Kit
This vivid dopp kit by MRKT will make sure that you won’t forget to pack it! It’s big and spacious enough to fit all your toiletries and then some, plus it’s waterproof with plenty of pockets, making for an ideal place to put all your grooming necessities while on the go.
$69 at

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Herschel Supply Raynor Passport Holder I
Don’t leave your passport in your back pocket! It can get wet and bent out of shape, and since we need to keep it for a whole decade, you don’t want that happening. This Herschel leather passport holder will keep your passport in tip top shape for the entire 10 years that you need it.
$54.99 at

Tumi Digital Luggage Scale
I don’t know about you, but nothing is more inconvenient and embarrassing than the counter person at the airport telling you that your suitcase is overweight and that you must step out of line and either get rid of some stuff or redistribute it. This small scale by Tumi will help you avoid that unwanted situation by telling you exactly how much your bag weighs before you leave for the airport.
$50 at

Samsonite Worldwide Travel Adaptor
It’s late, you’ve just arrived at your hotel, and you need to send that email, but your phone is dead and you have no travel adaptor, or you have one and it’s not the right fit! Luckily, there are plenty of all-in-one travel adaptors these days, so all you have to do is buy one and you’re set. Some of them even have USB outlets as well. This one by Samsonite will make sure you never run into that situation again.
$29.99 at

Mark & Graham Leather Charger Roll-Up
I hate going into my bag and pulling out a mess of cords that I need to untangle. It takes away from the precious time I could be spending planning my day out! This charger roll-up by Mark & Graham keeps all your electronic cords nice and organized so you don’t have to reach into your tote to find a ball of cords.
$49 at

Spruce and Co. Cleaning Wipes
Whether it’s a dirty phone screen, a filthy computer screen or a camera lens with finger prints all over it, all that cloudy vision can put a damper on your photos or the things that you’re trying to see. Spruce and Co. Cleaning Wipes will keep all your gadgets nice and clean and clear.
From $7.99 at

Buckshot Pro Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Why carry a flashlight, portable speaker and power bank when you can have all three in one gadget? The Buckshot Pro Portable Bluetooth Speaker combines all these handy travel accessories into one item, so you can use that space you saved for other things.
$79.95 at

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