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Hurry! Sign up for a FREE Kindle Unlimited Subscription Today

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If you love to read, there’s no better subscription than a Kindle Unlimited subscription. Right now, you can enjoy two months of Kindle Unlimited for free if you hit the subscribe button today. It’s an ideal way to unwind with the best literature out there, and is sure to be an enjoyable break from your usual streaming habits.

The Amazon Kindle Unlimited Subscription gives you access to over 1 million titles from a vast selection of different genres. Whatever your mood, there’s something here for you. You can dive into the delights of the Harry Potter series, enjoy J.R.R Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, as well as enjoy the latest work from Dean Koontz, or discover fascinating true stories. The beauty behind Kindle Unlimited is that there’s nothing to lose in what you choose. You can simply try something out and see if it’s your kind of book. It’s just like a regular library but without the need to head outdoors to see what’s available.

Besides the huge wealth of books, you can also read many popular magazines including The New Yorker, Wired, and Entertainment Weekly. It’s all included as part of the Kindle Unlimited package. Overwhelmed with options? Check out our look at the 19 classic books everyone should read for some ideas of where to begin.

Don’t have an Amazon Kindle? Don’t worry. You don’t need one to access Kindle Unlimited — just download the Kindle app to your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to get access.

The only real catch to the Amazon Kindle Unlimited Subscription trial is that it’s only available to new Kindle Unlimited members. If you’ve used the service before, you’ll have to pay the regular $10 a month to enjoy access to all these titles again. Still, that’s a very affordable price for so much great content. Amazon even bundles in plenty of audiobooks to truly sweeten the deal.

There are no hidden costs to Amazon Kindle Unlimited. Simply remember to cancel the trial before it ends and you won’t pay a single penny. You can even cancel the trial moments after you sign up to it and you’ll still get to enjoy the full two months of content entirely for free. It’s a total no-brainer of an offer if you love to read.

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