We’ve Got Wood For Rockit Logs Hand-Crafted Speakers

Rockit Logs, rockit logs
The sexiest (and best sounding) modern boom box you’ll ever own.

Somewhere in Canada, Jay DeMerit’s young Rockit Logs operation is busy hunting for “standing dead” Cedar, Fir, and Hemlock trees, which will then be chopped down and MacGyvered into 60-watt speakers.

Hand crafted and custom designed with burned grain, the body for this Kickstarter speaker ($199 on Kickstarter, $399 following) is made from reclaimed forest off-cut that had been neglected. Neither live trees nor dead and fallen are used (these guys don’t want to start cutting down healthy trees, or use rotten wood). Meanwhile the composition of these types of trees delivers a warmer sound quality than your average metal or plastic speaker, which has the power of amplifying quieter tones.  As Jay explained to us, “The motivation behind the design came from being tired of having to choose between molded plastic or metal boxes for my portable speaker. Using the reclaimed logs, not only are we up-cycling a natural product, but with the beautiful grains and knots of the wood always being different, you are truly getting a one-of-a-kind design piece to rock in your home or on the go. Throw in the fact that you get to pick your own stain and accent colors, add high-end audio & long battery life, and you now have a unique statement piece that complements your lifestyle, the way you want it to.”

Rockit Logs

After sawing, staining, and engineering, the end-result is an audiophile speaker handcrafted from acoustic quality soft-tone woods (the types used in guitars and violins), that it’s equally as beautiful to the ears as it is to the eyes. Plus, no two speakers are alike given the differing knot, patter, and grain of each tree used. Rockit also gives the option of designing your own, adding personal flair to one of its five staple models. Our favorite Hollywood hottie Eliza Dushku, and former basketball pro Steve Nash both have their own Rockit Log design.

Eliza Dushku Rockit Logs

The look ends up being both modern and rustic, with the wood complimenting a vibrant green office plant or the techy speaker tying in with an electric guitar and Persian rug or next to the flat screen.

Other Rockit Log perks include an advanced lithium battery that sustains 10-hours of listening at top volume, and a USB port to stay charged. The speakers are also made for carry-and-go, being the size of a soccer ball and sporting a handle at the top. Pair the log with Bluetooth or AUX and get to rocking.

So, who’s the nature boy that thought up the idea? Well, if you didn’t flinch at the mention of Jay DeMerit earlier, we’ll take a gander and say you don’t watch soccer. DeMerit is the former captain for the Vancouver Whitecaps, who went on play on the U.S. Men’s National Soccer Team from 2007-2010— starting for the U.S. at the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

The dots between soccer and speakers connect with DeMerit, as he studied industrial product design at University of Illinois at Chicago before becoming a hot-shot athlete. Following his soccer career, Rockit Logs was the natural next step. DeMerit took to Kickstarter to get the ball rolling (hah) and proceeds from the campaign will go to funding the initial hardware investment needed to mass produce these sexy boom boxes.

Once all Kickstarter orders are fulfilled, Rockit Logs profits will be donated to the Rise & Shine Foundation (also founded by DeMerit), a series of soccer camps that infuse sports and life/leadership skills.

With 121 backers pledging $31,059 as of January 22, Rockit Logs has about 22k to go within the next 31 days to hit its funding goal.

Photos courtesy Rockit Logs

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