Parachute Lives Up to Its Life-Saving Name

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Filling your home with nice things is a part becoming an adult. While beat-up couches from college and your parents’ old mismatched linens may be cheap and comforting, there comes a time when you need to forge your own identity.

Of course, no man is defined by the things he owns; still, the items in your home denote a level of respect for yourself and for others. If you treat yourself to nice things and keep your place relatively neat, it suggests that you have a healthy respect for yourself. A good-looking apartment also shows that you respect your guests, which is always a good thing — particularly if your guests are potential romantic partners. *wink*


One simple and affordable way to add production value to your living space is with fresh new linens for your bathroom and bedroom. You don’t need monogrammed towels, but it would be nice to at least have a matching set. Parachute, a direct-to-consumer home essentials brand, has achieved a month-to-month double-digit increase in sales since their founding in 2014 — largely thanks to their quality-yet-affordable bedding products. Last month they unveiled their Bath Collection, which is poised to bring the company further success.

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The Bath Collection includes four towel sizes, including a washcloth, hand towel, bath towel, and enormous 40” x 70” bath sheet. These towels are made with 100% soft Turkish cotton and constructed with Aerocotton technology, which makes the towels especially durable, absorbent, and quick-drying. It’s also worth noting that all Parachute products are made without synthetics or chemicals.  

Parachute is a socially responsible company. They strive to make sleep more comfortable for disadvantaged people in sub-Saharan Africa; for every Venice bedding set sold, Parachute donates one bed net via a United Nations organization called Nothing But Nets. In a place where a child dies every minute from mosquito-borne malaria, a bed net can do a lot more than facilitate a good night’s sleep — it can save lives.   

bed net

To date, Parachute has donated more than 5,000 bed nets to sub-Saharan Africa via Nothing But Nets. If you want to donate to the cause, but aren’t in the market for new bedding, consider adding a $10 donation to your purchase of other Parachute products, including items from their brand new Bath Collection.

We love products that help men improve their lives while benefiting others. Whether you purchase a set of sheets or a matching set of towels, you’ll find that buying from Parachute is a win-win.

Venice Bedding Set: $219

Classic Bath Towel: $29 

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