New Music Monday: The By Gods

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The By Gods - Get on Feelings ArtNashville garage trio, The By Gods, released their second full-length record in late January on Blecch Records. Titled GET ON FEELINGS, the album is a throwback to the world of 90s alternative rock. Bands playing fast and loud with a healthy dose of distortion is hardly new territory, but with less aggressive synth-pop and nostalgia for the 1980s holding sway over the world of indie music, a little bit (or a lot) of distortion cleanses the palate. The By Gods do that magnificently.

GET ON FEELINGS dives straight into the water, opening with lead single “The Stairs.” The guitar charges forward, with drums, bass, and vocals joining the assault after a few seconds. The song only runs a little over two minutes, but that’s more than enough time for the trio to pack in a few refrains along with a impressive guitar solo.

As powerfully as The By Gods come out on “The Stairs,” the band do slow down on a few tracks. “Miss It,” another album highlight, runs at a mid-tempo pace and presents an interpretation of the loud-quiet-loud dynamic pioneered by the Pixies. The By Gods never get too quiet, but the song’s chorus is explosive nonetheless, rising above the verses as singer George Pauley yells, “God, I miss it.”

The By Gods’ first album, I Don’t Care Who Believes Me…, drew comparisons to Hüsker Dü, but GET ON FEELINGS is closer in sound to Bob Mould’s later project, Sugar, and 90s indie stalwarts Superchunk. As guitar-lead music sees a downturn in popularity after decades of at the front of popular music, but The By Gods are helping prove that the instrument and the traditional power trio remain vibrant with their own space in the world of music.

GET ON FEELINGS  was released on January 22 through Blecch Records and is available on The By Gods’ Bandcamp site.

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