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Maia Vidal art (1)You’re the Waves, Maïa Vidal’s latest album, came out in the US on October 23rd. Before the record’s American release, You’re the Waves was released in Europe in late September. Though Vidal was born in the States and grew up in North America, she has never shied away from her continental connections. In 2011, while preparing her debut full-length, God Is Mike Bike, Vidal split time between New York and Barcelona. Since then she has released a second full-length, Spaces, (in Europe only) and now has You’re the Waves available on both continents.

The new album sees Vidal pushing her soaring melodies further than before on a set of 12 tracks that all concern love. Opener “Bones” looks at the playful side of falling in love. Rather than focus on the trappings of infatuation, “Bones” directly addresses the physical desire with its refrain, “All I want is to get my bones close to your bones, too.” The track’s percussion reinforces that immediacy. The beat gives “Bones” its spark and keeps listeners enthralled.

Love is the dominant theme on You’re the Waves, but the songs vary widely in the aspects they examine. Where “Bones” deals with infatuation and physical desire, “The Tide” concerns itself with an unreachable lover. The lyrics compare the narrator’s lover to “the moon who’s pulling the tide.” As if presenting itself for further comparison, “Islands Of You and Me” follows the time in a relationship after the infatuation that “Bones” deals with but outside of conflicts. The song even calls up the old playground song, “K-I-S-S-I-N-G.”

Sonically, Vidal has taken the reins here. She, along with with co-producer Giuliano Cobelli, produced the album while Van Rivers mixed. Vidal also performed almost all of the instruments on You’re the Waves, with Cobelli adding trumpets, beats, and percussion. On You’re the Waves, Vidal has taken a suite of songs dealing with love and livened them up by allowing both the childlike sense of infatuation to come through on some tracks while a more serious tone on others.

You’re the Waves is out now on Crammed Discs and available through Amazon, iTunes, and Crammed’s online store.

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