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Last Chance to Save Big on Air Purifiers: Molekule Holiday Sale

As we spend more time indoors and gather for the holidays, safe, clean indoor air is more important than ever. The air in any given home or workplace may harbor floating bacteria, allergens, mold spores, VOCs (volatile organic compounds, such as formaldehyde or acetone), and many other things you’d really rather not have in your lungs. Given all that, perhaps you’ve considered purchasing an air purifier. Maybe you even already have one but you’re not sure it’s up to snuff. If you are considering getting a new air purifier, consider one from Molekule.

Here are three different Molekule air purifiers to consider based on your space — don’t wait too long to make your decision, though, because these air purifiers are only on sale through the month of December. This sitewidee holiday promo saves you $150 off Air Pro, $100 off Air, $60 off Air Mini+, $50 off Air Mini.

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Air Pro

The Molekule Air Pro is not kidding around with clean air. This unit can clear the air, so to speak, in spaces measuring up to 1,000 square feet, making it suitable for homes with open floor plans, smaller office spaces, or even an entire condo or apartment, provided doors are left open and air can circulate freely. The device’s 360-degree air intake so it can be placed in the middle of a room, a corner, or just about anywhere else and can still do its job, which is namely capturing larger particles in the filters and destroying microscopic pollutants by that chemical reaction occurring when the aforementioned nanocatalyst-coated filter is activated by light in the unique PECO process.

You can save $150 on the purchase of an Air Pro through December 31. (And remember to sign up for auto-filters on filter replacements; Molekule will cover the shipping costs.)


The Molekule Air is the air purifier that really put this company on the proverbial map, making a huge splash when it was first released a few years ago. Sleek in style such that you won’t mind having it prominent in any space, the bigger point is that it’s highly effective at reducing pollutants in your indoor air. Rated for up to 600 square feet of space, the Air is ideal for living rooms, kitchens, basements, or large bedrooms. It’s easy to operate with a clear screen atop the device, and it can be set to night, auto, and boost modes as needed.

You can save $100 on the purchase of an Air through December 31.

Air Mini +

Molekule’s Air Mini+ is an upgrade to their already popular Air Mini in that it has a sensor that measures the level of particulate matter in the air passing through and can automatically adjust its fan speed to meet the needed level of cleaning. The Air Mini+ and the OG Air Mini are rated for 250 square foot rooms, making it a great choice for a bedroom, home office, master bathroom, and other such spaces. The elegantly simple styling of an Air Mini will make it a welcome addition anywhere.

You can save $60 on the purchase of an Air Mini+ when you shop from November 22 through December 31.

How do Molekule Air Purifiers work?

Molekule devices capture and destroy the widest range of pollutants when compared to traditional conventional air purifiers. How? Science.

Molekule is, first and foremost, a research and development company committed to scientific advancement. What its internal team of researchers and scientists do is to help translate their advancements into tangible systems, such as their PECO technology.

PECO is an acronym for Photo Electrochemical Oxidation, a method for destroying pollutants at the molecular level. While most air purifiers use filters to simply capture particles and pathogens in the air passed through, a Molekule air purifier uses filters to capture larger particles, and then UV-A light-activated nanocatalyst-coated filters (PECO-Filters, e.g.) to destroy pollutants down to 1000 times smaller than for which  HEPA standards test.

OK, that was a bit of a mouthful, so let’s try it in other words.
Think of pathogens as the enemy of your health and then consider this: Would you rather simply capture them or eliminate them entirely? The answer, as Molekule itself says: “Destroy, don’t just collect.” (Don’t feel bad about it, microbes won’t take it personally.) To learn more about Molekule’s PECO technology & which device is best for your space check out

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