The Manual Meet Up Los Angeles: Pizza and Peronis!

Last Thursday we hosted a little gathering at one of our favorite watering holes in downtown Los Angeles, Tony’s Saloon. Once the haunt of Hunter S. Thompson, this cavernous spot can make some serious cocktails and even has an outdoor area for those of you who like doing your drinking in the open air. For this evening we chose to keep it simple, Pizza and Peronis, although cocktails did figure into the mix in the end.

If Tony’s wasn’t awesome enough in its own right, their next door neighbor is Pizzanista!, our go to for pizza in LA. The owners, Price Latimer and Salman Agah were kind enough to bring over a pile of pies to soak up all that good drinking we were doing while catching up with old friends and meeting new ones.

Many a pool and ping pong game were played and even the photo booth got a little workout. But most importantly, we got to hang with some of our favorite friends over a good drink and a slice.

All photos courtesy of Renee McMahon

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