Headphones made from Irish Whiskey Barrels

You could make practically anything out of an old whiskey cask and we’d probably want to buy it. A pair of clogs fashioned from old Jameson barrels? We’ll take seven. Limited edition Makers Mark toothbrush holder? Yes please. Headphones made from upcycled Bushmills casks? Shut up and take my money.

Bushmills Whiskey has partnered with headphone manufacturer Grado to produce a limited edition set of headphones fashioned out of recycled white oak barrels that were once used to age the distillery’s infamous spirits over in Ireland. And as if that wasn’t cool enough already, the headphones were also designed by none other than Elijah Wood and Zach Cowie — Frodo Baggins and his homie who perform together as DJ Wooden Wisdom — over a period of five months.

The cans come with Grado’s signature vented diaphragm (which lowers distortion and extends bass response), a custom brown leather headband, and hopefully that sweet, funky, charred-oak smell whenever you pop them onto your melon.

You can’t buy them quite yet, but Turntable Lab plans to sell them for $395 in the very near future. If you really want to lock down a pair, you can sign up for email alerts and get notified the moment they go on sale. Find out more here.

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