Go Faster And Look Better with RYU

When you look good, you feel even better. This principle explains why we gravitate to our own senses of fashion, design our homes to please the eye, and search out well built gear. Why would this idea change when we hit the gym? The times of baggy shorts and ill-fitting tank tops are over (unless you’re stuck going to a college gym). For today’s multi-disciplinary athlete, blurring the lines between fashion and function – all while throwing down multiple sets of burpees and olympic lifts – is important. We recently discovered RYU. Their design philosophy of building workout clothes with athletic movement in mind, with a foundation of clean design and functional fabric, results in a line of gym apparel second to none.

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Teclayr 2NI Shorts, $65

Teclayr 2NI Short
These lined shorts are what originally sold us on RYU. The compression liner is tight enough to actually provide support when you need it for big lifts. The Teclayr fabric is sewn with flatlock seams, ensuring a comfortable and chafe free fit. The inner layer also features an anti-stink carbon mesh, which is a great touch should you find yourself running a few errands after your workout and dreading the funk of dried sweat. The outer short is a recycled polyester and spandex blend, helping it move with you whether you’re out for a trail run or blasting through a HIIT workout. Again, the fit here is simply perfect. You’ll be hard pressed to find a gym short that fits as well, or looks as good.

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Teclayr Mid Hoody, $113

Teclayr Hoody
It may be still summer, but our Rocky Mountain testing ground outside of Salt Lake City has seen some cold mornings at 10,000 feet. From warming up cold muscles at the trailhead for a pre-work dirt work out, to sending a few laps on the wall at the climbing gym, the Mid Hoody is a do-everything layer with the comfort of your favorite pajamas. The polyester-spandex fabric is incredibly soft and form fitting. Its wicking ability is one of the best we’ve come across, making this hoodie comfortable in a wide range of temperatures as it keeps you dry when your workout heats up. The lower back panel is a kangaroo pocket that is perfectly sized for stashing your phone, a pair of light gloves and ultralight rainshell when you’re on the go.

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