DUBS Acoustic Filters Go Beyond Earplugs

At this point, we’re all aware going to concerts isn’t the best thing for the future of our eardrums. Obviously it’s not enough to make people steer clear of seeing their favorite bands, but it really is something to think about, especially if you attend shows often. Of course there are always earplugs to protect your hearing, but the muffled sound they create minimizes the joy of the experience. But what if there was a pair of earplugs that actually filtered sound, so you could hear all of the important stuff but at a lower decibel? That’s where DUBS Acoustic Filters come in.

Dubs 2

Created by wearable technology company Doppler Labs, DUBS are stylish earplugs that use advanced acoustical physics to filter sound rather than shut it out, preserving sound clarity for things like music and conversation. Comprised of 17 tiny internal parts, they’re small but mighty. On average, they reduce audio levels by 12 decibels, which can have a significant impact over time because noise-induced hearing loss is gradual and therefore difficult to notice. And when you think about how long we’ve been wearing primitive foam earplugs, you realize the market was in desperate need of DUBS.

Dubs 4

“The earplugs field was ripe for disruption,” said Noah Kraft, CEO of Doppler Labs. “You can find foam earplugs in every airport in the nation, and they look like the first audio-protection idea anyone had – create a soft foam shape and just stick it in your ear. Earplugs are awkward and unflattering. DUBS Acoustic Filters were created to change that: to bring design, innovation and some style to a space that badly needs it.”

Since DUBS first hit the scene, everyone’s been getting in on the action. When David Guetta headlined Marquee New York in December 2014, attendees were given a pair to wear at the show. Legendary composer and music producer Hans Zimmer (Interstellar, Dark Knight Trilogy, Inception) said “the world has “waited a long time for a high-performance earplug that captures music the way it’s meant to be heard and meets the expectations of audiophiles. The DUBS are unlike any hearing protection I have ever used. The experience and sound quality are simply better.”

DUBS are currently available in the United States and Europe and will expand to the UK and Canada early this year. They come in four colors and are packed in a small protective case that easily fits in your pocket. Interested to learn more or try DUBS for yourself? Check them out at getdubs.com.

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