Handy Tools For the Handyman: The 2017 Gift Guide for the Do-It-Yourselfer

DIY gift
Do-it-yourselfers can be hard to shop for, but these handy gadgets will be perfect additions to their arsenal of tools. Think functionality, efficiency, and versatility.

No bows, no ribbons, no fluff — just pure gadgets and gear. For many, new tools quickly become a man’s best friend and they’ll find any excuse to put it to good use. Maybe you need to patch a hole in the wall, or just need a new hobby to get you through the harsh winter ahead, there are all sorts of do-it-yourself projects to keep your mind busy and your home spiffy.

From affordable tool boxes, to full wrench sets and functional workplace accessories, this DIY gift guide will surely lead you to a practical gift for a coworker, close friend, or family member who’s good with their hands.

Kusonkey Universal Socket – $10

Kusonkey Universal Socket

Whether your hobbies include automotive maintenance, typical household repairs, or really anything dealing with screws, nuts, hooks, and bolts, this universal socket will come in handy though all arenas. The socket can be quickly adjusted to size and fits promptly in those hard to reach situations. And — if you’re not completely satisfied, Kusonkey guarantees you a full-year to return the item.

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Tekton Stubby Combination 12-Piece Wrench Set – $26

Tekton Stubby Combination 12-Piece Wrench Set

Having a durable and diverse wrench set is a must-have for any DIY-er. The small-length, slim-bodied TEKTON wrenches are designed to do the dirty work for you in small and tight spaces. The quality of the wrench set is a great grab considering the price and it’s bundled with a handy store-and-go organizer making sure nothing is misplaced or lost If you’re looking for a set with more sizes, TEKTON also offers 30-piece sets.

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4-Season Give’r Gloves – $114

4-Season Give'r Gloves

Don’t let the price tag on these gloves fool you, because you may not need to buy another pair — ever. The 4-Season all-purpose gloves from Jackson Hole-based Kickstarter Give’r were designed for skiing and chopping wood for the fire, but they hold up well for household chores, construction projects, and masonry. They boast a Thinsulate interior to protect from the cold and feature a waterproof leather coating (with an optional, but recommended, beeswax coating) for a rustic, outdoorsmen look.

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Kingso 8-Piece Chisel Set – $34

Kingso 8-Piece Chisel Set

For the more creative and art inspired do-it-yourselfers, this chisel set is an optimal gift for wood carvers, sculptors, and even carpenters. KINGSO pays great attention to details on their durable products, so you know you’re in good hands. The handles and blades are solid and sharp and are built to last.

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Bosch 65-feet Laser Tape Measure – $40

Bosch 65-feet Laser Tape Measure

This is one of those gifts that keeps on giving, for him and for you, cause now your DIYer can measure whatever he needs with the touch of a button without needing you to hold the other end of the tape. With easy portability, a backlight display for added visibility, and a size small enough to fit in your pocket, the Bosch laser measure provides instant and precise measurements, backed by a two-year warranty.

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Stanley Click N Connect Tool Box – $26

Stanley Click N Connect Tool Box

Most DIY-ers have a knack for being efficient and organized, but storage and protection for their gear and tools can get quite spendy and often too large for their space. The Stanley 2-in-1 tools box provides protection at an affordable price with added portability. The box provides enough storage for your average hand and power tools, dividers to keep things organized, and an upper storage compartment for small parts.

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Leatherman OHT Multi-tool – $90

Leatherman OHT Multi-tool

Multi-tools are a trusty companion for small needs like stripping wire, tightening screws on household appliances, or cutting and sawing. The Leatherman multi-tool is one of our favorites because it was built to be used hard and used often, boasting pliers, knives, different sized screwdrivers, and of course — a bottle opener. If you don’t need an everyday multi-tool with added versatility, Gerber’s suspension multi-tool ($27) can handle little jobs around the house.

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PantherVision LED Headlamp Beanie – $20

PantherVision LED Headlamp Beanie

This polyester fleece beanie from PantherVision supplies warmth, comfort, and visibility in the workshop, without sacrificing your hands to hold a flashlight. It’s way better than just a headlamp.

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Franklin Sensors ProSensor 710 – $55

Franklin Sensors ProSensor 710

If you’re looking to downsize the number of tools you need to use, but still have the necessities handy when the time comes, Franklin Sensors offers a 13-sensor stud-finder and level, making for a match made in project heaven. Just place the sensor on the wall and the LED lights will indicate when you’ve reached a stud.

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Yeti Rambler 20 oz. Tumbler – $30

2017 DIY gift guide

More times than not, a great DIY session begins with a even better cup of coffee. But if you’re like me, making that Americano last through the morning is essential to productivity. Yeti’s travel mug is over-engineered with double-wall vacuum insulation, as well as a high-quality and easy to clean stainless steel, to assure your cup of joe stays hot until the end of the day.

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Stanley Job Site Power Strip – $28

Stanley Job Site Power Strip

Stanley’s power strip is one of the best on the job site. It’s built into a clamp that will clasp on to any stud, ladder, or anything applicable. If there’s a short cord you need to compensate for, this three outlet strip works well to fit awkward spaces or keeping an extension cord off the ground and out of the way.

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Dremel 4000 Rotary Kit – $75

Dremel 4000 Rotary Kit

Any self-proclaimed DIY professional needs to have a high performance rotary tool kit in their arsenal. This one from Dremel features a powerful motor with adjustable speeds to improve precision and control on everything from sanding, cutting, and carving.

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DeWalt Job Site Bluetooth Speaker – $69

DeWalt Job Site Bluetooth Speaker

The best complement to a DIY project is having your favorite tunes on hand. If you don’t like having noise canceling headphones around your head when you work, DeWalt’s bluetooth speaker is durable enough for the job site, making those long works days go by faster and projects even more enjoyable. The system provides up to 100 feet of range, so you can place it far away from danger.

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