Gifts for Dads: Perfect Presents for Your Papa

Gifts for Dads: Perfect Presents for Your Papa

When it comes time to shop for dad this holiday, it can be a tough proposition. He says he already has everything he needs and is probably vague about the things he actually wants.

That’s why we’ve scoured the internet to find our favorite gifts for dads that would be perfect for your pops this season. Below are our selections to help ensure your holiday gifts keep you as the apple of his eye.

Ace Hotel X Tinker Watch – $150

tinker hotel ace watch gifts for dads

Uber-simplistic watch maker Tinker teamed up with super-hip hotel chain Ace Hotel to create this fun timepiece displaying the date and a snazzy “It’s Time” message on the dial. It’s a handsome 38mm piece with embossed Australian leather and a hand-polished stainless steel case.

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Toffee Lincoln Briefcase – $335

Toffee Lincoln Briefcase

What better way to show your appreciation than to give your dad one of the sharpest looking briefcases around for the office? With two options (for 13- and 15-inch laptops) and beautifully milled leather, it’s sure to become his new favorite accessory. Reinforced double stitching and a reinforced base means your investment will last for a long time, too.

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Flightscope Mevo – $499

Flightscope Mevo

If your dad is any kind of golfer, chances are he’s looking for a way to improve his game. Why not help him get an edge on his next round with an all-in-one device that he can throw in his bag? The Flightscope Mevo connects over Bluetooth to his smartphone to help analyze every facet of his game from the swing to the angle of the launch. It captures a variety of other statistics to help him lower his handicap. When he’s the talk of the country club, he’ll be coming to you to thank first.

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Lululemon Quilt-Back Shacket – $198

Lululemon Quilt-Back Shacket

Talk about a one-piece wonder. This reversible shirt/jacket is quilted on the outside and features strategically placed insulation in the middle for warmth without overheating. The collar and general silhouette make it acceptable for chilly boardrooms or chilly nights out. You could be the star giving dad his next go-to piece of fall clothing.

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MONTA Triumph – $1,265

MONTA Triumph

This Swiss-made brand is relatively new on the market, giving your dad the opportunity to be one of the first to own their new Triumph model. It’s a classic, everyday watch made with superior components at a reasonable price point considering the quality. It’s a simple design with a 38-hour power reserve and water resistance up to 500 feet.

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Rough Linen Cocktail Napkins (Set of 12) – $40

Rough Linen Cocktail Napkins

Consider this gift for the dad who is kind of an entertainer. These napkins replace traditional paper ones while being elegant and durable. If your dad loves making next-level cocktails or throwing a boozy soiree, he’ll certainly want a next-level napkin to serve it with.

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Shinola Runwell – $550-$750

The Runwell 47MM Blue Watch

The Runwell 47MM – Blue Watch/Shinola

Detroit’s Shinola is definitely one of the more popular American-made brands out there. The Runwell is one of their flagship designs, available in a couple different sizes and complications. It’s classic styling in a handsome design that’s built to last. What’s not to like?

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Mohinders City Slipper – $145

Mohinders City Slipper

Loungewear is always a popular gift. Loungewear with a great story behind it is even better. Mohinders are made in India by craftsmen and women who have been making them the same way for generations. Each pair is hand-made and takes advantage of a special kind of weaving to ensure long-term wear. If you’re looking for a way to let your dad stand out from the crowd, you could do much worse than a pair of these.

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Haspel Seersucker Krewe Tux & Hudson Sutler Garment Bag – $645$125

Haspel Seersucker Krewe Tuxedo & Hudson Sutler Garment Bag

For the dapper dad, a new tuxedo might just fit the bill. However, this isn’t any ordinary sharkskin suit. This one comes from Haspel, who have been designing seersucker suits for The Big Easy since 1909. The jacket on this suit has contrasting lapel colors for interesting piece to wear on its own for less formal occasion. Being seersucker, the piece will keep you cool, even in the warmest of summer weddings. Store the tux (plus shirts and a tie) in this handsome garment bag, which has rust proof zippers and a pack cloth liner.

Duluth Fire Hose “Less Mess” Log Carrier – $60

Duluth Fire Hose “Less Mess” Log Carrier

Sometimes, there’s nothing more satisfying than chopping up logs for firewood in the yard. However, that proposition can become quite messy when trying to bring the wood back inside (splinters are no fun). Fortunately, Duluth Trading Co. has a canvas carrier that you can give your dad to help him out. This handsome carrier has heavy-duty leather handles and is 40.5 inches, long enough to carry bigger logs. It keeps the dirt and dust off of him and the good graces on you.

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Coyuchi Cloud Loom Robe – $148

Coyuchi Cloud Loom Robe

If you’re dad isn’t lounging around his house on Sundays in his bathrobe, then you need to step it up and get him a Cloud Loom Robe from Coyuchi. Made from 100-percent cotton, the robe is made from Aerspun fabric, meaning the cotton is “Soft and absorbent yet smooth and sleek.” In the immortal words of Ned Flanders “It’s like wearing nothing at all,” and your dad will love it post-shower.

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Speyside Malt Whisky Trip – ~$200 plus airfare

Speyside Malt Whisky Trip

If your dad loves to travel, why not send him to one of the best whisky tasting regions in the world? While there are a number of tour operators who design trips to Scotland, this particular one focuses on the core region of Speyside (Scotland’s “Malt Whisky Country”). Not only will you taste whisky at its origin (a special experience in itself), you’ll get to enjoy one of the most scenic regions on the planet. You’ll probably want to book yourself for the tour, too – consider its the best bonding time around.

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