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Here’s How Students Can Get Six Months of Amazon Prime Video for Free

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Netflix and Hulu aren’t the only good streaming services in the digi-verse anymore, as Amazon has certainly stepped up its game with new Prime Video programming and content. For example, check out all of these awesome Prime movies you can stream right now.

Active students are in luck, too! Amazon is offering a crazy promotion that offers up to 6 months of access to Prime Video, for free. You can also take advantage of a ton of different offers to access add-on channels and content, from services like Showtime, Epix, Shudder, and more. Check it out below to learn more, or to sign up!

Amazon Prime Video, if you didn’t already know, is the retail giant’s streaming service, like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+. It includes a bevy of content such as movies, TV shows, documentaries, and beyond. Amazon is also offering exclusive content that’s only available through Prime Video and nowhere else. You have the option to add on services as well, like premium channels, via HBO, Showtime, and more. The Prime Student subscription gives you full access to Prime Video content, like a normal subscriber, with student-worthy discounts on additional channels and services.

You can watch Amazon Prime video on your computer, smart TVs, and various streaming devices like Roku or Fire TV. You can also watch on your mobile device while you’re waiting for class to start, or on your lunch and work breaks. If you already have Amazon Prime, then you also have access to Prime Video, but not necessarily vice versa — they are considered separate subscriptions.

You might have heard of Chris Pratt’s latest action flick, The Tomorrow War, which is a Prime Video exclusive. There are also a ton of other movies, TV shows, and documentaries to watch. Amazon is offering up to 6 months of free access to Prime Video for currently enrolled students after you sign up for a Prime Student account.

How to Sign Up for a Prime Student Account

The easiest way to join Prime Student, and register as an enrolled class member, is to sign up for an Amazon account with a .edu email address! After doing so, you can apply through Amazon for a Student account, which nets you direct access to discounted Prime, media, and service offers.

If you don’t have a .edu email address, don’t fret! You still have an opportunity to sign up for a Prime Student account, but you will have to go through a vetting process. You will need to provide proof of enrollment in at least one course at a college or university within the United States. Acceptable forms of ID include your student ID or badge with an expiration date, a transcript or class list for the current term, a tuition bill for the current term, or an official acceptance letter for the upcoming term — with the matriculation date. All forms of ID must also include your name and your school’s name to be considered valid.

If and when the Amazon support team deems your enrollment valid, you will receive a follow-up email within 3 to 5 business days allowing you to complete the sign-up process.

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